Trend Report Fall/Winter 2017: 11 Wearable Trends from Lakme Fashion Week Winter / Festive 2017

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It’s the new season… and as the fashion cycle takes its turn, here’s a list of the most interesting, wearable trends that I’ve spotted at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2017… straight from the ramp!

Now you know that I’m not always the first to stay ahead of the ‘trend’ curve, but the list that I’ve put together here are things that I’d actually, possibly like to wear! So here goes…



We’ve seen waist-cinchers make a huge come-back these last few months and this time, they’ve been taken up a notch and been paired with not just western streetwear, but luxurious Indian sarees as well! (For curvy women like us, things that help in creating a ‘slimming’ illusion is always welcome) 😉


Brand: Doodlage and their upcycled corset belts


Sonam & Paras Modi’s Ethnic Corset belts at the Lakme Fashion Week A/W 2017


Label by Ritu Kumar – Corseted Top


Masaba Gupta’s Corset belts on sarees





If it was capes last festive season, it’s their more elaborate cousins that took the ramp by a storm this time! Kimono-inspired coats and cloaks were seen aplenty… especially in collections from Nikita Mhaisalkar, Sonal Verma , Sonakshi Raj and Rina Singh among others.

Brand: Eka by Rina Singh.
Kimono inspired outer layer


Brand: Rara Avis by Sonal Verma
Show stopper Sonal Chauhan wearing a Kimono inspired outer


Designer: Nikita Mhaisalkar
Model wearing a cloak with silver metallic details


Silver-gray winter cloak by designer Sonakshi Raaj


Shailesh Singhania’s Bananas cape on a saree





If perfect symmetry is the definition of classic, new age designers like Sonakshi Raj and Sohaya Mishra (of Chola)  decided to bend the rules in various directions.


Brand: Chola by Designer Sohaya Mishra


Designer: Sonakshi Raj




In my last post abount gender neutrality in fashion, I spoke about binary collections and unisex clothing and their overall implication on society… and behold! This season we saw not just one but several designers introduce ‘binary’ or unisex collections on the ramp! Most notable among them being Antar Agni, Indigene and Sayantan Sarkar.


Brand: Antr Agni


Designer: Sayantan Sarkar


Brand: Indigene





Imagine a typical sight at an open-air winter wedding in North India…

At the start of the function: Women dressed impeccably, gorgeously in the most glamourous of outfits, braving the weather with their heads (and heels) held high!


Few hours into the wedding: Same women, shivering and teeth clattering, trying to delicately hold shawls and light scarves so that their dress with all its cuts and designs is still visible… but trying not to die of cold!


Post mid-night: Same women wrapped up and blanketed in shawls that have no match with their previously glamourous attire, praying for the pundit to finish soon so they can run home n get warm.


Anyone who’s attended an open-air winter wedding in North India would agree that these festive coats, are much needed!!


Sailesh Singhania’s Banarasi festive jackets to go with sarees





Yes! You read that right! Back in the 80’s (I think) there was this huge trend in the west of wearing skirts over trousers! Well, this isn’t exactly the same, it is in fact, a much more glamorous version of it!

As seen in collections by Sonakshi Raj and Hardika Gulati, this version has beautifully constructed trousers (or jumpsuits) with a large flowing maxi-length skirt, attached only at the back. Now that’s pretty damn dramatic!


Designer: Sonakshi Raaj


Designer: Hardika Gulati





Metallic finish on fabrics was seen aplenty this season at the Lakme fashion week. Gold and steel Metallic finishes on fabric with self-ribs like in collections by Amit Aggarwal showed us a future perfect picture… (something about them reminded me of Jetsons).

We also saw a lot of designers like Nikita Mhaisalkar, make use of metallic wire embroidery and silver embellishments that made a minimalistic yet grand statement.


Designer: Amit Aggarwal


Metallics used by designer Shweta Kapur at LFW Winter festive 2017


Metallic details by designer Nikita Mhaisalkar


Brand: Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta




Ruffles have been in trend all this summer and they’re back this season as seen in collections by most designers at the Lakme Fashion week WF 2017. And they’re not limited to sleeves or skirts… they can be found anywhere!


Sanya Malhotra walks for The Meraki Project wearing a ruffled black silk skirt


Brand: Eka by Rina Singh



Designer Hardika Gulati’s ruffled trousers and sleeves



Dramatic Cape-sleeves were seen in collections of Hardika Gulati, Sonakshi Raaj, Sonam & Paras Modi and Nachiket Barve,  which eliminate the need for a dupatta by adding that flowing drape-like effect to the outfit!


Designer: Sonam and Paras Modi


Designer: Hardika Gulati


Designer: Sonakshi Raj



Soft net and sheer is back this season in both Indian and western-wear. Be it floral embroidery  on sheer like in collections by Ritu Kumar and Manish Malhotra, or sheer lehengas with metallic highlights like those of Nachiket Barve, we’re all for see-through this season!


Designer: Label Ritu Kumar


Jacqueline Fernandez in a Sheer embroidered gown for Manish Malhotra


Designer: Nikita Mhaisalkar’s sheer cloak


Nachiket Barve’s sheer lehenags and dupattas


Nachiket Barve’s sheer drapes and ponchos



Gaurang Shah painted relics of Ajanta & Ellora onto fabrics using Kalamkari, and Neha Agrawal showed us motifs of Madhubani on her garments! From traditional art to fun and fancy doodles… Art meeting fashion isn’t just a trend this season, it’s a phenomenon!


Neha Agarwal’s madhubani art motifs on dresses


Gaurang Shah’s Ajanta Ellora paintings on fabrics, using Kalamkari art


Artsy motifs and doodles from Ajay Kumar



Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Do leave a comment below and let me know which ones your favorite trends are!


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