Month: October 2015

An ode to the classic white shirt

What comes to your mind when you think of the classic white shirt? Stiff formals? Meetings? Really?! If that’s still the first thing that comes to your mind… then think again! I absolutely love the classic white shirt! And I think it’s one of the most essential pieces in your wardrobe… but if there’s one …


Curly Crimes

Hey all you curlies! I’m sure we’ve all had those days when we look at our curly locks in the mirror and go.. WHY?! WHY ME!! (While others look at us and go… ‘Oh how I Envy you!’) I’m sure you’ve wanted to straighten them out, or even actually gone ahead and re-bonded them. (I …


Online Shopping Skeptics… Get initiated!

What’s the one sentence everyone making a speech opens their talk with… “Online is where the world is today!”… lol! But then, it isn’t untrue, right! Yet when it comes to online shopping, there are still a lottt of people who just haven’t been gutsy enough to take the plunge! Now you’ve probably already bought …

Ripped jeans and statement necklace

Let it Rip…

So… what set me onto writing this blog was the fact that not only did I absolutely love fashion and clothes and accessories… it was also because whenever I met people, they seemed to always like what I wear. Very often I had that most ‘feel-good’ question thrown at me.. “I love that… Where did [...]…


Greece in Winter (Chapter 2): City of Athens

All in all, we spent over 10 days in Athens… though originally we’d planned only about 5, events conspired in a way (owing to a couple of late nights and early morning missed busses) that we stayed in Athens much longer… and it probably was for the best! We’re both the kind of travelers who …


Travel in Style: Greece in Winter

Last year for my birthday we decided to make a trip to one of my dream destinations – Greece!… in December! Now a lot of people would say that Greece is a summer destination… why would you wanna go there in December… and they wouldn’t be wrong…! Greece truly is a summer destination… but that’s …


Are the 70’s Really Back?

Hi everyone! I’m sure we’ve all been seeing this whole hype about how the 70’s are back! The pallazos, jump suits, umbrella skirts and front knotted tops… yea.. They pretty much do look like they came right out of some 70’s movie! Just the other day, I was sitting with my mum watching a Rishi [...]…


PinkPeppercorns and Me

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog… For my first post, I thought I should start with a little something about myself… so here goes… I’m a lover of life! I love travel, shopping, clothes, jewelry, accessories, movies, mythology, books, dance and everything else that adds fun, fantasy and magic to life. …


Live in style. Be inspired. Stay Fabulous.


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Sonal is a Post Graduate in Luxury Brand Management from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, Florence (Italy) and has over 9 years of experience as a Brand Strategist working in the advertising industry.

She has also been a Consumer Insights Miner specializing in fashion and luxury brands.