Month: June 2016

How to Keep your Leathers Monsoon Safe – 4 Easy Steps!

Yay!! It’s here! That one thing that all of us were waiting for with bated breath… the Rains are finally here! The weather’s turned gorgeous overnight and nature’s suddenly showing us shades of green that we didn’t even know existed! And while the views are great, emotions strong and the winds cool… the only things …


#BlendedWithLove by Garnier

Last Friday I attended the launch of a new range of hair-care products by Garnier.  It’s a range of 5 gorgeous, paraben-free blends…each blended with combinations of natural ingredients, both Indian and International. To begin with… The 5 variants of Garnier Ultra Blends are “Royal Jelly & Lavender”, “Henna & Blackberry”, “Mythic Olive”, “Soy Milk …


Brave those Curls… coz they Rock!

Hi you curlies! You know, quite often I have people come up to me and tell me that I have amazing hair… that my curls are beautiful…and how lucky I am to have hair like this! “Is this your natural hair? People die for a perm like this!”… Lol!  And this is form women with …


Travel in Style: Why I love Portland and why you MUST Include it in your Travel Itinerary

Generally, when one’s planning their travel in the US, they don’t include Portland in their itinerary! It’s always Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Miami, LA… But Portland??!!! Why would you think of Portland!? Well, I’ve been there… And honestly, I think people really should start including it in their travel plans!! Because, it’s awesome sauce! …


Breaking the ‘Work-Wear’ stereotyope! Featuring La Rutu

Hi all you lovely ladies! Just like me, I’m sure all you guys are mind-fried with the summer heat and are praying that the monsoons come sooner! And while the rains might relieve us of the crazy, unbearable heat, some how, at the back of my mind… I always think that there’s a lot more …


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