3 Small Additions to Your Diet for Glowing, Acne-Free Skin



Since Feb/March this year I was facing a lot of skin problems… acne, dull skin… all coz of stress and pollution! And our lifestyles really don’t help much! Odd eating hours, eating crappy food all the time… personally, am a huge fan of all things oily, cheesy and fried! And whenever I have shoots or events (which is almost every alternate day), I end up skipping meals (horrible thing to do!) So obviously, all this started to show up on my skin!


That’s when I happened to make 3 small, hassle free changes (actually additions) to my diet! These three little things, I found most convenient and easiest to follow and they worked superbly! Like a perfect detox for the skin! Suddenly, I started getting compliments for ‘glowing skin’ and that obviously felt wonderful!


So that’s why I thought of sharing my skin Detox secrets with you all… and trust me, they’re super-easy to follow!



#1: WaterMelon


Time: 10 mins (9 mins to cut/juice, 1 min to gulp it down!)


Oh yes! Who doesn’t like water melons… especially in the summer! And that’s the first addition that I made to my diet! I drink at least 2 glasses of watermelon juice everyday… that’s about half a watermelon – without straining it!


Now ideally you should be eating it… but I am super-lazy when it comes to eating, so I just put it in a blender and drink it up! (with zero wastage so it’s as good as eating it).


Watermelon is rich in Vitamins A, B6 and C and has 92% water, which means that it detoxes and flushes out all the toxins from our body! It keeps skin hydrated, acts as a toner, acts as an anti-ageing agent and prevents excessive oil production!

And Oh yes, it promotes hair grown and prevents hair loss too! 😛



#2: Dietary Fiber Supplement – MyFy


Time: 2 mins (1.5mins to let it dissolve, less than 30 secs to drink up)



It’s the most commonly known fact that the more fiber you have in your diet, the better your digestive system, and hence, your skin, hair, weight… everything stays healthy! (If you didn’t know that, well, you do now!) Most of our skin problems actually start from our stomach!!


However, the challenge is how much fiber is enough?! According to dieticians and doctors, our body needs at least 10grams of fiber a day… and you know what, no amount of whatever you eat, will give you more than 5 gms!


That’s why I started having MyFy dietary fiber! There are other fiber supplements in the market as well and believe me they are gross… like disgustingly gross! Which is why MyFy is like a blessing because it’s 100% completely soluble! It’s absolutely natural – made of wheat and vegetable fiber; and is odorless, colorless and does not thicken ups! Trust me, I’ve had other alternatives available in the market and they’re like puke!

MyFy on the other hand, is almost like having just another glass of water! It’s kickass!


I have one sachet every morning, and it doesn’t just complete my daily quota of fiber, it also acts as the biggest detox for my body! Fiber helps remove toxins from our gut, keeping our digestive system healthy and clearing any stomach issues (which let’s be honest, we all have!) This in turn reflects on our skin’s health… and it looks acne free and glows!


By the way, having fiber 15-20mins before meals, also helps build satiety which means you don’t over eat and so it helps in weight control as well! 😀


Here’s a little video that shows how MyFy completely dissolves in water! (click here to purchase)




#3: Sabja / Falooda seeds


Time: 15mins (14.5 mins to be soaked in luke warm water, less than 30 secs to gobble up)


Falooda seeds after soaking… ready to eat


Sabja or falooda seeds are nothing but the seeds of sweet basil (or Thai Holy Basil). They’re the same, gelatinous things that we see floating in faloodas… and I bet you didn’t know that they’re awe-friggin-some for your skin n body!


Basically, sabja seeds have cooling properties…! They help reduce your body heat, so you have less break-outs! It’s a natural detox that keeps pimples, blackheads and acne at bay… and has anti-biotic properties that keep skin infections away, from the inside!


It’s also fiber rich, so added to the Myfy that I have every day, it makes sure I reach my daily quota of fiber quite comfortably!


All I have to do is soak 1 teaspoon of the seeds in luke warm water for 15mins, and when they swell up and become all jelly-like, eat them up!  I usually have them before going to bed or just before dinner!




So there you have it! 3 very small, hassle free additions to your diet that can go a long way for your skin! And you spend less than 25mins from your entire day on all of them put together! I’ve personally seen the difference and I’d say, it’s totally worth it! 😀







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