3 ways to Reinvent a straight-fit maxi skirt with just a single knot !

So what happens when you get bored of (or don’t like the look of) a straight-cut maxi skirt? You either relegate it to the farthest corners of your wardrobe, give it away… OR… you Reinvent it!

Now come-on! Reinvention doesn’t always have to mean pulling out your DIY kit and giving a go at arts n crafts… A look could change with the slightest and most innocuous of little things… like a little knot of fabric!

It’s funny how much a simple, single knot can do to change a look… be it the knot of a scarf, a tie, a shoe-lace… or in this case.. the flare of a maxi-skirt!

Here’s 3 very simple ways in which I used a single knot, to turn my straight fit skirt, into a new garment all-together!

I’m wearing a colourful, funky and kitsch straight fit maxi skirt form The Label by RituKumar… Styled in a gypsy, bohemian look…

Outfit details:

Skirt: The Label by RituKumar, Top: Mango, Gorgeous brass Necklace and wrist cuff: Colaba Causway, Large Orange sequin and brass ring: Either OR, Pune, And the silver metallic sneakers from a Bangkok store in Surat, to complete the boho look!

Flare of a maxi-skirt

Reinvented Look 1: Dhoti Pants

Who would say this was a skirt and not some uber-cool, sexy dhoti pants!?!

All I did here was hold the fabric from the front of the skirt and the some from the back, and tied them into a knot in between both the legs! Voila! Sexy, gypsy pants!

Sexy, gypsy pants - Knot in between both the legs

Sexy dhoti pants

Reinvented Look2: Back knot

Here I just left the front as it is… but tied a nice little knot at the back-bottom. However, as you can see, the knot doesn’t peep out and look like a ‘knot’ but instead it looks like the skirt was designed such to look like pants at the back..! That’s coz I’ve managed to knot the fabric on the inner side rather than the outer side… Check out the pics for better understanding 😉

The same thing, I just turn the skirt round and bring the knotted part on the front! So I get the cool gypsy pant-look in the front and the pencil skirt look at the back!

Cool gypsy pant

Pencil skirt look at the back

Back knot Skirt

Reinvented Look 3: Side Knot

So here, I’ve just knotted the fabric at the side of the skirt, again from the inside! It makes the skirt look suddenly all chic and glamourous… almost creating this stylized lift on one leg!

In fact, since this skirt has two large side-pockets, I turned the skirt in a way to let them hang in the front and back, instead of the sides for a ‘funner’ and ‘cooler’ look 😛

Two large side-pockets Skirt

Skirt with 3 New Funky Bottoms

So there you have it! A simple knot that turns your skirt into 3 new funky bottoms!! And the best part is, you can always go back to wearing it like your pain old skirt whenever you want to 🙂


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