4 Amazing All-weather Moisturizers for Combination Skin!


I’ve always had a huuuuge problem finding the right moisturizer for my face! And if like me, you have combination skin too, then I’m sure you can relate to this!
Combination skin means our forehead, nose and chin… which is called the ‘T-Zone’ is oily… and the rest of the face is dry! And while popular perception is that people with oily skins have a tough time finding the right moisturizers… only we know our reality!! It’s easier to find a non-oily moisturizer as compared to something that is non-oily on the centre of your face and deeply moisturizes the dry parts of your face!
So after a trial and error over several years and over countless number of moisturizers and brands… I’ve finally narrowed down to 4 products that I think work brilliantly on my skin which I’ve reviewed below.

1.Moisture Surge from Clinique

Clinique’s moisture surge is one of my favorite moisturizers. (You can see the almost empty jar in my cover picture) I think my skin feels best when I’m using it. It is water based and instantly emulsifies into the skin… removing dryness without creating any oiliness! It does feel slightly sticky immediately on application but the stickiness stays only for a few seconds and then you’ve got smooth, moisturized, baby soft skin!

It’s a little on the expensive side… though you need only use very little of the quantity in every application. Hence it lasts quite long. In my case for example, one small jar lasts me almost 4 months! Quite worth it for the skin-feel it has!


2. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sorbet




Body Shop’s Vitamin E Aqua Burst Sorbet for me is like a less expensive alternative to the Clinique Moisture surge. What’s nice is that true to its name, it has a sorbet-like cooling sensation it provides, which instantly makes you feel fresher and is great especially during summer. It’s also water based and hence doesn’t make your T-zone any oilier… In fact, it works magically on controlling oil secretion! And it’s super-light! You don’t even feel like you’ve applied anything once you’re done!


3. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturizer



Don’t know if it’s psychological… but this Vitamin E illuminating moisturizer by Body Shop, does make my skin glow! It’s probably the work of some glittering micro-stuff that you’ll sometimes find giving the cream a gorgeous lavender tint… which, I’d typically be a little sceptical about! But since it says that it’s all natural and is paraben-free… and because it suits my skin the way it does… I’ll just choose to accept it! 🙂


4.Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream



Although I said ‘all-weather’, this Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is my winter favorite! My cheeks tend to get excessively dry during winters… and God help me if I’m travelling to any colder place during that time!! This one has the ability to really keep my skin moisturized for the entire day! It is cream based and hence, could feel a little sticky at times, especially during the humid summers in Mumbai! However, the cream is a very light textured one and so in slightly colder weather conditions, it gives just the right amount of moisture. Works beautifully even in the non-existent Mumbai winters
The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is much more expensive than all the others that I’ve mentioned though… and hence, unless you have really dry cheeks like mine, you’ll actually be good with any of these others.

I also love the Dramatically Different Moisturizer from Clinique, but that again I prefer to use only during winters and hence, didn’t include it in this list. 🙂


Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post helpful! If you know of other options that I could try for my combination skin, do write to me and let me know.


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