That 5 day, monthly visitor! (Featuring Whisper Ultra Soft)

Nothing’s more important for me than being able to do my work with absolute diligence… and for that, I have to be a 100% comfortable no matter what!


And what I hate the most, is making excuses to avoid work, just because of periods! (of course… once in a while they make for wonderful excuses for a day off… but then that’s another story ;))


For every woman’s life, periods are a reality… they’re in fact a blessing… not something that one needs to hate…! But unfortunately, the discomfort that comes with them, is what makes periods such a huge irritant! But then, if it’s a monthly visitor and you know it’s going to come and stay with you for 4-5days… then why dread it?! Instead, why not be friends with it! But the irritation and annoying nature of sanitary napkins, makes sure you can’t really be comfortable with this stupid visitor… Not, until recently!


Whisper recently invited me to the launch of their new Ultra Soft range. It’s a new product, which is thinner, 2 times softer and cotton layered… so there’s no plastic net that’s causing irritation! It’s a fabulous new product, soaks better and keeps you drier and more hygienic than even the Whisper Ultra, and is thinner!


It’s the best thing for sensitive skin, and it’s longer!


Recently, because of the irritation and annoyance with sanitary napkins, I switched to using tampons and thought that they were the only saviours that science ever invented for women during menstruation! But when I tried the Whisper Ultra Soft, which I did especially for the all-night comfort (coz you can’t keep waking up to change your tampon), I realised what a blessing it is! It’s probably something can could make me switch back from tampons, and I’m damn serious about it.

So instead of getting bogged down by this monthly visitor, embrace it, face it and get comfortable with it!

Oh, and the next time you make that ‘period’ excuse to bunk work / college, use it to have some fun instead of moping around in discomfort 😉


Available everywhere for Rs. 65 for a pack of 7 napkins.


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