5 days – 7 outfits: My Week at Lakme Fashion Week 2017

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As you know, the Lakme Fashion week winter festive 2017 concluded a few weeks back and it’s a huge huge event for everyone in the fashion industry in India! Being the biggest fashion event in the country, it’s natural that everyone wants to dress their best… and what’s better, is that you can experiment with your outfits as much as you want to, and you’ll still never be over dressed!

So in this post, I’m going to give you show you the 7 looks that I wore in these 5 days of fashion!

Starting with a short little video that I made that gives you a quick snapshot of how my week was at the fashion week… with a quick view of the outfits and the lovely people that I met!



Details of each outfit:

Day 1:



The Outfit: By Sonal Agrawal

(Ah yes! Felt nice just writing that!)
This outfit is entirely designed by me!! No I’m not kidding… it really is! (Am kinda really proud of it so even if you don’t like it, please pretend like you do 😛 :D)

I’ve used handwoven Ikat from Andhra Pradesh to create a co-ord set of dhoti style pants and a crop top! The back of my cropped stop is a bright contrasting raw silk embellished with patches that remind us of childhood and villages! I’ve also added an old broken locket behind one of the shoulders just to add to the vintage charm!

Following the same theme, I’ve added these little fabric dolls in the front which were created by Tsunami victims at this NGO called Tsunamika, as a symbol and a reminder of the change that they’re striving to bring into their lives.

To complete the outfit, I’ve got a drape… which is nothing but a gorgeous handwoven silk stoll that I’m holding around my arms.

Earrings: These amazingly gorgeous earrings are from Razia Kunj



Day 2:



The Outfit: By Sonal Agrawal (Yesss! It’s me again)

Since Day 2 was sustainable fashion day, this time also, I decided to use handwoven Ikat fabric from Andhra Pradesh. This time I’ve used it to create an asymmetric cape-like jacket, which is long in the front and cropped at the back… and is sleeveless on one side with an ankle length slit sleeve on the other.

I’ve added denim trimmings from an old pair of gray jeans that I had, and the denim pocket is filled with charms and trinkets that remind us of all things happy!

Wearing it with shorts from the same fabric and black leotard top from Koovs.

Necklace: Colaba Causway

Boots: Carlton London



Day 3:

On Day 3, I changed 2 looks.

Look 1:



I wore this gorgeous Banarasi silk saree from Shailesh Singhania’s ‘Winter Rose’ collection for his show, which was the opening show of the day. Honestly struggled with wearing it right all morning and when I couldn’t do it, I finally decided to wear it on jeans and the same top from the previous day (coz that’s all I could lay my hands on at that moment) And behold… it turned out to be much easier, funkier and quirkier too! 😛

Saree: Shailesh Singhania
Ripped jeans: Roadster by Myntra
Top: Koovs
Shoes: Found them at an exhibition in Mumbai, created by shoe designer Vidhi Shah.
Nose pin: Quirksmith
Necklace: Tribe by Amrapali



Look 2:

I changed from that saree into this super-cool, amazingly elegant outfit by my favorite, Fahd Khatri! Like most of his clothes, these drop-crotch pants are super quirky and can be worn in 3-4 different ways! 😀




Day 4:

By the time day 3 got over, I was already bone-tired and honestly, didn’t feel like wearing anything elaborate! So I ended up wearing this super comfy and very chic outfit, mixed n matched at the last moment, and quite frankly… it ended up being my personal favorite look in all the 5 days.



White dress: Mango
Cape: Heirloom (This cape was actually a kalamkari silk dupatta turned into this gorgeous, floor-length cape)
Metallic Footwear: New Look
Shoulder duster Earrings: Paarisha by Chinanshu



Day 5:

Look 1:


Outfit: On the last and final day, I wore this lovely tribal woven skirt from Mango, which I had lying around in my closet forever, along with this white top from Zara with super-dramatic sleeves!

Necklace: The highlight of the outfit however is the lovely ‘Shekhawati’ handcrafted necklace from Razia Kunj. It’s like crazy friggin gorgeous!

Boots: Carlton London




Look 2:
At ‘the apartment’ by RBL (Reliance Brands Ltd.), I changed into a second look styled by celebrity stylist Aastha Sharma! It was a little unlike my usual style, but then that’s what I loved about it! The jacket on the white bodycon ruffled dress and my boots kinda gave it a very grungy, punk look that I ended up liking quite a bit.



Dress: The white lace and knitted dress is from BCBGMAXARZIA
Leather Jacket: Gas Denims



So that concludes my 5 days & 7 looks at the at the Lakme Fashion week winter festive 2017!


Hope you enjoyed reading and watching the video
Do comment and let me know which one your favorite look is.


Loads of Love

Sonal :*


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