A break-through innovation for Make-up Lazybones!

Couple of months ago, when my mom went to Singapore, she bought herself this amazing new device from Sephora there, which I had never heard of before…  ‘the Color Me automatic foundation applicator’! One try and I just HAD to get my own!

This breakthrough device, created on the vision of make-up artist Eric Jeminez is like a dream come true!

Now, I’m not someone who uses foundation a lot (In fact, to be honest, I don’t even own foundation in my make-up kit… )! The only thing I apply on my face (apart from a moisturizer and sunscreen) is a compact (or loose powder)! And when I’m going out to a party or when I really feel like wearing make-up, I use the BB cream as the base!  And frankly… even with that… the ‘blending’ tends to get on my nerves! So, for me, this device is absolutely ‘God-sent’!

This brilliant innovation is a battery operated, vibrating device which basically mimics the finger tapping action and blends in your foundation / BB cream in seconds… and to perfection! For the first time in my life, I feel like I could start wearing make-up more often 😀

Color Me comes with two sponges, which can easily be changed. The flat one is for wet application (foundations, BB creams) and the fluffy one is for dry application (powders, bronzers and compacts)

The only drawback is the price of changing the sponges! The device itself costs around $54 and comes with a set of 2 sponges (one wet and one dry)… , and in the instruction manual they recommend changing the sponges after 7 uses!! 7 uses!!!!! That’s nothing if you talk about someone who wears make-up regularly! And each replacement costs around $9 which is quite a bomb!! So while the product itself is an absolute dream… the cost that it involves, is quite a bummer!

But for those of you who don’t mind spending a little more on making your make-up look super-flawless… this device is just perfect!

Where to find it: I’m not sure if it’s available in India as of yet, but with Sephora having recently launched in Mumbai, I sure hope we can soon start getting it here!

For now, in case you’re travelling abroad or have friends living or travelling abroad… you know what to ask for! It’s available in Sephora in most countries! Or if you have friends in the US who are planning a visit to India, you can order it from or and have it shipped to their address… 😉

However, make sure you order a few extra sponges or find a deal where you get some free coz getting them later again would mean going over the whole process again!


Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do write to me on and let me know if you know of any other cool and innovative make-up devices like this one or if you’ve tried any!

Live in Style. Be Inspired. Stay Fabulous.


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Live in style. Be inspired. Stay Fabulous.


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