AGNI: Fashion Your Inner Fire


‘Agni’ is the fiercest and one of the most important Panchmahabhutas – 5 Elements of Life!


“In this culture (The Indian Culture), the element of fire is personified as Agni Deva, a two-faced god who rides on a fiery ram. The two faces are symbolic representations of fire as a life giver and a life taker. Without the fire burning within us, there is no life. But if you do not take care, fire can quickly go out of control and consume everything.” – Sadhguru


In lay-man’s terms, it is most essential for Agni or Inner Fire to keep burning for our intellect to flourish and for human beings, to prosper and reach their true potential! According to our Vedas, we are all born with and of Fire. This fire, that naturally exists within us, helps fuel our digestive system… and is most crucial for our body’s well-being! (It’s called the Jatharagni – Jathara, Means ‘the digestive process’)



However, there’s the other Agni, the one that is more important and much fiercer! The one that we have to keep fueling and keep alive… which in turn, fuels our Chitta – our intellect! It’s called ‘Chitagni’…

This is the ‘Inner fire’ that I’m talking about in this chapter, in this video!



This inner fire, if we manage to keep burning within us, can take us to an intellectually higher plane… bring us success, victory and glory…! The only way to keep it burning, is by fueling it with passion, intent and drive! Agni, feeds off our own passion and uses that to glow brighter and enlighten our intelligence.



However, take this fuel away… and Agni, will treat our entire being as her fuel, go out of control and consume ‘us’, leaving us in darkness, distress and depression.


One of the biggest issues plaguing our world today is depression! Studies say that especially with the millennial generation, the problem is more severe and that’s because it is said that this is a generation that has been ‘provided for’ and ‘over-protected’.


The older generations feel that being protected and “over provided” for by parents, makes the millennial generation take a lot of things for granted. That, they don’t have to push harder… they don’t necessarily need to prove anything to anyone, they don’t have to be driven towards a certain goal or passion from a young age… and that this induces a lethargy of some sort, which the Agni within them, can’t feed on!


Well it could be true that the millennials are not as driven or driven in the same way as the previous generations, but they are driven in a different way. They are driven to discover themselves, to discover who they can be.


But having parents and guardians who don’t understand this difference, causes a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. They enter a state of self-doubt, caught like a deer in headlights… confused!


Added to this, though the millennials are better exposed, and far better informed than the older generation ever was, scientific data also says that mobile phones, binge watching and electronic screen addiction also leads to depression… and that’s because it’s a mindless collection of information without any real thought of application. Hence, they may be well informed passively, but the lack of desire to really use that information constructively leads to the screen-induced state of depression.


All of these induce a state of depressive-lethargy.


According to the Vedas, lethargy; and the lack of drive and passion, is what makes sure that we suffer in ignorance and sub-optimal intellect! A person with no drive or passion, may work hard physically, but will never reach the greatness that someone with a well-lit intellect does!


Depression is a highly sensitive subject to be handled with great care. Depression has many aspects and causes, one form of depression is caused by this confusion and lack of focus. It’s a mind-numbing state of ignorance, where your intellect starts eluding you, logical reasoning stops and you fall deep and deeper into a state of darkness!


The depressive-lethargy, which left unresolved slowly consumes one within. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

Agni, is beginning to consume you, for you aren’t providing her with the fuel she needs!!


And the only way to fight of this state of depression is by once again, giving her the fuel that she craves… by bringing back that drive, passion and energy… by bringing back that intent and serving her your passion as the fuel. Letting her build you and bring you out of that darkness rather than consume you!


I urge you, to #FashionYourFire



PS: According to Hindu Mythology, Agni, is a ‘Deva’ (male God) and not a ‘Devi’ (Goddess)! I however, for a more poetic and dramatic representation have represented her in a female form. (And no, I have absolutely no feminist agenda in doing so!)




Outfit Details: (Since it’s a fashion blog after all… :P)

Black crop top with long cut-out sleeves:

Black Skirt: Dug out of Mommy’s closet





Outfit Details:

Lehenga and blouse: Kalki Fashions


Thank you so much for reading… Do leave your comments and let me know what you think.





Photography by: Sonalee Das

Videography by: Rahul Jha

Concept, styling, script and writing: Me 🙂

And for this one, A Super-Special Thanks to Mr. Wolf :*!!


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