Bohemian Vibes!

Hi People! I know it’s been long since my last post… the changing weather (which still sucks, by the way) hasn’t been good for my health… nor for my blog! frown

Anyway, am better now… fully recovered and back to work! (Psst… it’s also my birthday week starting today cool) I know that a lot of you have been asking me to do more posts on winter fashion, and I want to do them too… (and I will eventually), but the problem is that winter this year, just doesn’t seem to be anywhere close! At least not here in Mumbai…! So for these 30degree December afternoons, I decided to do a fun, funky, Bohemian look instead…!

With a bunch of colours and this amazing tribal sorta print, this dress from Missamore clothing is something that I’m totally in love with! And with its full sleeves and roll-up loops… it’s a perfect all-weather dress, especially for a city like Bombay.

However, my favorite part about this look is that turban that I created out of a sarong (I’ll soon put up a video on how to tie this super-cool and easy turban…) and my lovely turquoise ear-cuff from DramaQueen Accessories.

DQ, which stands for DramaQueen, is a newly launched brand of gorgeous fashion and silver jewelry… Both, the cool ear-cuff, and the pretty dangler that I’m wearing here are from DQ (the dangler comes in a pair while the cuff is a single unique piece :D) Currently DQ’s starting out as an FB and an Instagram store, but have much larger plans… You can check it out at

or on instagram

Now back to the outfit…

To complete this Boho look… I slipped into my favorite gladiators from What I love most about these, is that they look super-funky and are absolute head-turners… while being one of the most comfortable pair of boots in my closet!

So that’s that… bold colours, a sexy turban, funky earrings and gladiators… the perfect bohemian vibes!

Hope you like it! Enjoy the pics








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