Cinnabar By Estee Lauder – My New Signature Fragrance



Whenever I walk in to a perfume store, and I’m asked, “What kind of fragrances do you like’… I often find myself saying ‘spicy’. I love heavy oriental fragrances with spicy or musky notes.

My all-time favourite has always been YSL’s Opium! I’d say, that’s my signature fragrance… Totally swear by it! However, I have been looking for something new because after having been using opium for almost 4yrs, I somehow needed a change! I’ve tried tons of other fragrances in the past year… including my only other favourite ‘Intuition’ by Estee Lauder. But I still hadn’t found an alternative to Opium till I laid my hands on Cinnabar!

My best friend came from London this Birthday and got me the Cinnabar by Estee Lauder! While handing it over to me, she said “I know you’re gonna replace your Opium”… And oh boy! Was she right!

Cinnabar has this heady, spicy fragrance… the kind that lingers on throughout the day and gives you that whiff of aroma whenever the wind blows your way! The one thing about Cinnabar is that no one can ignore it… whether you like it or not, you can’t ignore it! I know people who like softer floral fragrances may not like it, but on me it smells great! And I have a feeling it’ll smell great on most Indian women.

Unlike floral and fruity fragrances, Cinnabar, I associate with a lot more intensity… intensity not just in terms of the fragrance or the ingredients (spices)… but also in terms of the personality of the wearer. It’s mature, exotic and charming, all at the same time. Much like the Indian woman 😉

My Italian professor, who took the subject on ‘Perfumes’ for me at Polimoda, once told me… Western women like the lighter fragrances whereas most Asians, especially Indians and Arabic women, go for the heavier, more complex fragrances. It goes with their weather and their personality!

Cinnabar is extremely complex and extremely long lasting…! The one thing I loved about Opium is that once I wore it, I felt confident of smelling amazing throughout the day… No matter how much physical work I did… and no other perfume got me like that until now! Cinnabar by Estee Lauder gets there pretty sweetly! 😉


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