My Ethnic Memories – Featuring Craftsvilla

As Craftsvilla gears up to celebrate World Ethnic day on 19th June, this year, they approached me to share with you guys, what ‘Ethnic’ means to me! That in fact, got me thinking about my first memories with ethnic wear… and how I came to fall in love with it!


I decided to create a photo-story, wearing this lovely saree by Craftsvilla recreating those little memories that shaped my love for sarees and for ethnic-wear!


My Story:



As some of you know, I’m born and brought up in Mumbai, however, my parents originally belong to Uttar Pradesh. My grandparents and most of my extended family still lives there… in different parts of UP. As a kid, I remember, every winter, my Amma and Baba (Paternal Granny and grandpa) would come to Mumbai to live with us, and during our summer vacations, we would visit them at their village.


When we were in Mumbai, on normal days when no one was visiting us, my mom was always dressed in her jeans, long skirts and other western wear. That’s how I was used to seeing her… that’s how my mom normally was for me! But whenever my grandparents would come visiting, or when we’d go there, because our traditional customs back then demanded it, suddenly, my mom would transform! She’d dawn these beautiful saris… and transform into some Bollywood actress of the yesteryears!


I remember vividly, how I initially hated the change…! I’d cry saying this wasn’t my mommy… and tug on her pallu; pull out her bindi wondering why she was wearing it!! But slowly, I came to fall in love with this gorgeous avatar of hers!


She would remind me of Rekha and Sri Devi (and later Madhuri – Madhuri still does look like my mom BTW ;))… in those gorgeous printed chiffon and georgette sarees, with her retro wavy hair, bindi, her deep maroon or brown lipstick and that gorgeous face!


That’s when I fell in love with sarees… and that’s what ‘ethnic’ means to me!

craftsvilla world ethnic day 6


‘Ethnic’ for me, isn’t about any definition or piece of clothing… for me, ‘ethnic’ is a memory…! A memory of her flowing pallu as she went about the markets and streets at lightning speed (oh yes, she still walks like a bullet) and me trying to keep pace with her… of her taking me to the park, watching me while I played, playing with me  – on the swings, playing hop-scotch, pakda pakdi… all of it, wrapped up in those 6 meters of beautiful fabric!



saree retro vegetable market








Join me in celebrating the World Ethnic Day with Craftsvilla on 19th June by telling me what ethnic means to you.


This gorgeous saree can be purchased from any of craftsvilla’s stores across Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Navi Mumbai and in select Central stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Aerocity, Delhi. You could also get it online on





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