Fighting Acne: The Cleanance Expert Box by Avene – A review

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It’s been just over a month since the launch of Avene’s Cleanance Expert, and that’s just about the time that I’ve been using products from their Expert Box! Hence, I thought that now would be a good time to write a review for it…

The Expert box from Eau Thermale Avene contains 4 iconic products from their ANTI-ACNE, Cleanance range… The newly launched Cleanance Expert Soin Emulsion, Cleanance MAT moisturizer, Cleanance facial cleanser and the Thermal Spring water!

This range is specially created for people with oily skin whose mirror-moments; somehow always revolve around making sure there’s no unwanted pimple popping up! And unfortunately, I too am one of those 🙁

I don’t have an oily skin overall… I have combination skin… which basically means having the best of both (and the worst of both as well!!) So my nose, forehead and chin are perpetually under the threat of acne! I can’t remember a single big occasion in my life where I wasn’t trying to hide one! And although, thankfully, I don’t get too many of them otherwise, but that one unwanted thing always shows up when it’s least wanted!

So for all you ladies who understand what I go through… here’s some good news!  🙂


  • Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion:


Avene cleanance MAT emulsion


It’s a gel based moisturizer / Emulsion which is super-light and gets absorbed into the skin in seconds. It is specially designed for sensitive skin, so even if you have any random itchiness or irritation, it instantly soothes your skin.

The best part about it is that it’s not oily at all and neither is it overly dry… hence, it’s not just perfect for those with oily skin but also for people like me with combination skins.

It’s more of a ‘maintenance’ product rather than something that cures acne. So you’ll wanna use it to prevent acne and regulate the sebum production of your skin (oil control). The feel of it on the skin is amazing, so that’s a huge plus.

However, like everything in the world, it’s not a guarantee that if you’re using this, you won’t get acne…  coz acne has a lot to do with your lifestyle, your food, the stress levels, your hormones, etc.  Hence, I love the Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion for the feel and the oil-control properties… but you can’t depend on it to alone, to cure acne!


  • Avene Cleanance Expert Soin – Emulsion:


Avene cleanence expert soin emulsion


Now this, you can depend on! The newly launched Avene cleanance Expert soin – emulsion is a wonderful emulsion that works on pimples and acne that shows up, in spite of using the cleanance MAT or other oil-control creams and serums. Now while the product is not designed to be a spot corrector, I personally use it like that… coz it’s extremely non-oily… so much so that you almost don’t feel like you’ve applied anything. Hence, while my oily nose loves it, my dry cheeks tend to continue feeling dry. So I use it whenever I get acne, but only on the affected area… and yes! It works! But you have to have patience… it’s not like magic! It doesn’t make your pimples disappear overnight! It takes its own sweet time… but makes sure you’re not left with any marks.

So if you’re looking for an overnight, quick fix solution… this one’s not for you. (In that case you could try spot correctors like EffaClar A.I from La Roshe-Posay or Normaderm Hyalu Spot from Vichy)

But if you’re looking for something that heals your skin while regulating the oil production & making sure that no additional pimples appear, then this one’s great.


  • Cleanance Clarifying facial cleanser:


avene cleanance cleanser


The Cleanance clarifying facial cleanser is amazing for oily skin. I’ve been using it at night before I go to bed, followed by the cleanance MAT moisturizer… and I’ve noticed a marked reduction in the layer of oiliness on my nose and forehead in the morning!

However, I find it way too dry on my cheeks! And understandably so… it’s supposed to reduce the sebum production from your oil glands. So, if you’re someone with dry skin looking for acne solutions, this one’s NOT for you!


  • Thermal Spring Water:


Avene water thermal spring water spray


Now here’s a product I regret not having tried before! The Avene Thermal Spring Water is wonderful… no matter what skin type you have! More than a skin relaxant or anti-irritant… it’s a mood up-lifter! I love to spray it on in the morning after I’ve washed my face… it makes me feel fresh and ready for anything the day has to offer!

And the best part is that it is pure spring water… no chemicals… no alcohol… so you need not think twice before you put it on your face. You can spray it on after a scrub, after removing make up, before going to bed, on the road or even mid-day when you’re brain-fried from sitting in front of your laptop… anytime that you feel your skin needs that little extra love! (And a thin misty layer of it doesn’t even spoil your makeup :))



All in all… if you have acne prone, oily skin… a combination of these is perfect for you… even if you just get the Avene cleanance cleanser and the Avene Cleanance expert soin emulsion.

But the Thermal Spring water, is something I’d recommend for everyone 🙂

Hope this helped… and do let me know your experience if you try out these products.



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