How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie!

Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to get that perfect mirror selfie?! Yes it’s the biggest instagram trend and it’s also one of the most convenient ways of showing off your #OOTD when you have no one around to take your pictures… but you can’t help but wonder “why don’t my #MirrorSelfies look as great as those instagram influencers?

Well let me tell you how you can master the art of Mirror Selfies, with just 8 quick tips!

1) Catch the light: Lighting plays the most important role while clicking any picture! So make sure there’s light falling on your face and your front, rather than the source of light being behind you or above your head.


mirror selfie 9

2) Where should I look? This question haunts us all in mirror selfies and the correct answer is – look straight at your phone camera through the mirror!! That’s when you get that perfect mirror self-portrait!
You can also choose to look at the screen or at yourself in the mirror while tilting your head slightly if you prefer that, but trust me, looking straight into the camera lens, through the mirror is something you’ll thank me for!


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie

3) Angle your body and find your pose: Since you can actually see yourself in the mirror, you need to position your body the way you find it most attractive. I’ve often seen that angling my body side-ways, and resting one hand on my waist works great for me because it highlights the shape and makes it look flattering.


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie

4) Where should I hold the phone? This depends on what your focus is! If you wanna highlight the outfit, I’d say cover the face… Looks artistic and your outfit gets all the attention! If you want your face to be the focus, hold it near your chest… That usually gives you the best angle!


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie

5) Click with one hand: Use the side volume button to click – it leaves one hand free to pose and the phone looks delicately held in your hand.


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie

6) Portrait mode forever: Since we’re so in love with the portrait mode for every other picture, why not use it for the mirror selfie too! It just takes it to the next level!

How to get the perfect mirror selfie

7) Post processing: Make sure you edit and color correct your mirror selfies! They deserve the extra attention… And there are several free photo editing apps that can help.


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie

8) Get Creative: Experiment with poses and angles! Stand, sit, move side-ways, try the front camera facing the mirror… Some of the best mirror selfies are the ones that you don’t typically find on Instagram, and those will only come if you get creative! 😉


How to get the Perfect Mirror Selfie


This post was created as part of the #FlipTheFeeling campaign by Livon Serum.

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