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(This is Chapter 2, here on pinkpeppercorn because Chapter 1 was published a few weeks ago. You can read it here.

Also, the first 2 paragraphs of this article are similar to chapter 1 because this is the article published in the magazine… as is)


How to turn your old winter wear into chic new ones?

My favorite season… Winter, is around the corner and I love everything about it! It’s my birthday season, it’s filled with festivities and most importantly, it makes for the classiest looking wardrobe ever! I absolutely adore winter layers! The coats, trenches, boots!! And as much as I wish to wear them on an everyday basis, the weather in Mumbai just doesn’t allow it! That’s probably the saddest part about living in Mumbai!


And hence, whenever I travel to a colder place (even if for just a week) … I end up buying a lot of winter wear (because it’s like a one-time legit excuse ;))!! But then that winter-wear just keeps lying around and gets outdated by the next time you want to travel in winters again!


So, this time, I decided not to buy any new winter clothes, and to re-use my old clothes and existing winter-wardrobe to create a new wardrobe that looks as chic, classy and expensive as anything I could have bought off the racks now!


Look 1:



This first look is all about Turning your old sweater into an off-shoulder cropped sweater & your summer dress into chic winter-wear!


All you need is… An old sweater + Scissor + A maxi summer dress + Boots + Socks and/or thermal leggings!



I took this old polo-neck sweater (about 8 years old) and decided that it needed to be revamped!



So carefully I just took a sharp pair of scissors and chopped off a good 6-7 inches from the waist to turn it into a cropped sweater. I also ran the scissor along its neck to get rid of the polo neck!


Because of the knit nature of the sweater… the neck once cut out tends to expand a little… turning it into a boat-neck / off shoulder sweater of sorts!



I’m wearing it over this maroon Summer Maxi dress… with my olive-green ankle length boots and Kitty print Happy Socks!



For Mumbai, this is more than enough… looks classy and can be worn anywhere… from a brunch date with the girls, to the movies and even to college!


In case you’re at a place where it gets colder, just add a pair of thermal leggings under this and you’re good to go!



DIY woolen loop-scarf & Ear warmers!


The left-over bottom part of the sweater that you’ve cut-out, need not be thrown away! You can very well use it like a loop scarf and add brooches or iron-on patches on it, to make it your own, personalized statement piece!


DIY woolen scarf


You may or may not choose to sew the edges (although, sewing them would ensure that they’re even and will also increase the life of your knit garment).


I’ve personalized mine with brooches that I’ve collected from all over the world. The bird brooch is from the Red Dot Museum in Singapore, the elephant is from a little curated store in Pune called Either Or, and the lady bug, is from a flea market in Florence!


As for the left-over part of the polo-neck, I’m simply wearing it on my head to keep my ears warm! It looks like a cut-out beanie, is stylish and only you know how cheap it is 😉



Look 2:



This second look is all about reusing those old oversized cardigans or woolen shirt from your man’s cupboard to create a classy and stylish winter look!


All you need for this is an old, over-sized cardigan or front-open woolen shirt + A belt with a nice buckle + A basic top + A scarf + A pair of jeans and boots


I took this old over-sized Tibetan, woolen men’s shirt that I had lying around for years; and turned it into a chic and classy short coat. All I did was dawn it over the basic black top tucked into my jeans, and buttoned it up only at the center. I’m wearing the belt over it like a waist cincher, so that it gives the boxy shirt a nice shape. I’ve also let the collars and shoulders hang a little towards the back, so as to create a wide ‘V’ in the front, to give it that coat-like effect.



I’ve finished it up with a scarf, cute little booties and a beanie.


Now, this crochet and tassel scarf is not actually a scarf…! It’s a soft crochet shrug that I’ve just bunched up together and am wearing it as a scarf. And this could be another little DIY trick for you, to create your own scarf out of a soft shrug. 😉




Hope you enjoyed reading the article, and hope it inspires you to create your own DIY winter attire using these super easy tricks!

Please do leave your comments with what you think…





PS: Photography is courtesy The Tilted Lens

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