I Found my Perfect Sunscreen!

Finding the right sunscreen has always been a challenge for me with my combination skin. For the most part of my life… I refused to even use sunscreen at all (horrible… horrible thing to do!!! :X) simply because everything I tried, made me feel sticky and oily… and once out in the open… it would attract dust and grime making life all the more miserable!

I’ve tried hundreds of sunscreens from all possible brands after which I finally settled down on Neutrogena’s ultra sheer. And even though that was the the best I’d found till then… even that made me feel horribly sticky on the nose and forehead on humid days (which is practically everyday in Mumbai)! And so again… I wouldn’t use it regularly… (And especially not on the very hot days, where technically you need it the most)

It was just by some stroke of sheer luck that I happened to come upon the lotus herbals 3-in-1 matte look sunblock! Now I have tried several lotus safe sun sunscreens and quite frankly, nothing’s ever really clicked before…

But this one fine day, I went to a beauty store to buy a Nivea sunblock to use on the body for my Goa trip (Since Nivea spreads easily compared to Neutrogena ultra sheer, I usually buy that for the body, especially for my Goa, Thailand kinda beachy trips). But they didn’t have Nivea in a higher SPF, so they shoved the Lotus 3-in-1 Matte look SPF 40 upon me. Was running out of time and so I reluctantly bought it… but when I opened the tube after I reached home I realized looking at the colour that it had a bit of a foundation mixed in the sunscreen…

‘Interesting’ I thought n tried it on my face. And trust me, since that day… I’ve never ever stepped out of the house without sunscreen! Never actually felt the need to skip it!

It’s a water based product, with kaolin (not foundation), has natural ingredients (as natural as cosmetics can be :P) and is super-light and non greasy. The kaolin gives the skin a smoother tone and eliminates any need for a BB or CC cream. It’s a wonderful product that changed the way I looked at sunscreens and I totally love it! Oh and it’s very very affordable too ;)!

So, like me, if any of you guys also have trouble finding the right sunscreen for yourselves, your search might just finally end here!

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