Look Like a Million Bucks Even When You’re Broke!

Hi Everyone!

Let’s face it! While every cash hoarder out there is trying to find out how to convert black money in to white… we fashion hoarders have perennially sought answers to a similar problem… How to convert all those clothes that we have lying around in our closet into something super-fashionable and wearable!?!

And with the whole cash crunch situation around, now’s the time to make use of all the old clothes you have, rather than spending on buying new ones 😉

Now being Indian, Jugaad is so deeply entrenched in our DNA, that this winter, I’ve decided not to go out shopping for winter wear (Especially since you can’t wear too much of it in Mumbai)… and instead, create my own winter fashion, using the clothes and accessories that I already have at home!

So here are 2 looks that you can use to look absolutely on trend, without letting it pinch your pocket!

Look 1:


Fake Lamp-shading!

There’s a latest 2017 street-style trend that daddy can totally help you ace, without even his knowledge! All you need for a perfect lamp-shading look is one of your dad’s large old sweaters!

I raided my dad’s closet (with mummy’s help of course ;)) and found this old sweater which he doesn’t wear any longer!

It’s large enough and long enough to wear by itself… like a dress almost!

Now, to create that lamp-shading look you need over-the-knee boots! (lamp-shading is the trend where you wear a long tee or long sweater with over-the-knee boots… so you do kinda look like a friggin lamp shade, and perhaps, that’s why the name :P)

But over-the-knee boots are quite expensive and since we’re working on a budget here, I’ve used tall socks instead with an old pair of boots, to create a similar illusion! You could even try it with tall socks / stockings and sneakers.

And a floppy hat in winter, never misses the mark!





I’ve added a few touches to the sweater with a couple of animal shaped brooches at the hem! You could even add a couple of iron-on patches to make it look even more trendy 😉

winter-diy-old-sweater-lampshading-look-resized-10This look is perfect for those casual wintery days when you’re just simply hanging out with friends or headed out for coffee!

(Pepper Tip: If you’re not all that comfortable with the length of this, just throw on a pair of hot jersey pants / fitted denim shorts underneath ;)!)









Outfit Details:

Sweater: From dad’s closet

Socks: Forever 21

Boots: Carlton London (on sale)

Hat: Zara (Last winter)

Bag: Happily Unmarried




Look 2:


Poncho Hustler!

All of us have old shawls lying around at home! (in case you don’t, go steal from your mom’s or even grand-mom’s closet) So instead of wrapping them around you like a blanket, here’s how you can style them to look like you just got off the ramp!

This shawl that I’m wearing like a poncho is actually a Masai blanket which Mr. Wolf bought for me from the Masai Market in Kenya. (You could use the shawl you just stole off your mum!) Sew on a few buttons at the rim of the shawl, and it suddenly gets transformed into something you can wear like a kaftan, a poncho, a woolen dress… or anything else that you fancy!

I’m wearing it like a poncho-cum-coat with the help of a belt, on a pair of old black stockings and a basic black racer-back top!


I love wearing opaque black stockings in winters with everything… shorts, skirts, dresses etc. because they don’t just keep you warm… they also make the outfit look a lot of glamourous and elegant as compared to skin colour or translucent stockings! Also, the fact that they have closed feet, make them look sexier with open toes and peep toe heels – almost creating the illusion of boots!














Outfit Details:

Shawl: Masai blanket from Kenya

Leggings: I think they’re either from H&M or Forever 21 (but I’m sure you’ll find them at any local store as well)

Stilettos: MFT Couture by My Foot (Bought them on Jabong sale)

Belt: An old one from Veromoda


Hope you like this post and do share your pics with me in case you try this out!



PS: All these lovely pics of me are courtesy: Sonalee Das

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