Myth Busting: 4 Popular Myths about Facial Oils


Facial oils are touted as the ‘new’ big thing in the world of skincare and beauty… whereas one of the biggest myths about it, is that it’s ‘NEW’! Sorry to burst your bubble, facial pure oils are one of the oldest skincare tricks in the books of Ayurveda!

However, there are a lot of popular myths about facial oils and their usage, which I’m sure all of us have heard and believed! So let’s get past them and towards great, healthy skin…


Myth #1:

Facial Oils are not for those with oily skin:

The most nonsensical myth of all… which unfortunately, I too believed until about a month ago! We all feel that oil and oily skin should be kept miles apart…! That even an innocent little oily touch will send our oily skin into a frenzy! But that really isn’t true!

Oily skin, needs as much nourishment as does dry skin… and pure oils, unlike creams and moisturizers make sure that the goodness and nutrition directly reaches your skin cells and gets immediately absorbed!

The key however, is the quantity of oil that you use! Obviously if you have oily skin, you don’t use more than 2 drops! (and when I say 2 drops, I mean 2 drops only) The problem happens when people with oily skin use too much… obviously then, you’re ending up with excess on your skin which will go about clogging your pores! But in small quantities, it can give your skin a new life!

Most of you guys know that I have combination with a very oily t-zone! And yet, I’ve been using 2 drops of Kumkumadi Tailam pure Ayurvedic oil by Inatur Herbals, every night since the past 4 weeks, and I’ve actually felt my skin smoother, clearer and softer! It is basically a blend of precious oils from herbs like saffron, sandalwood, vetiver, turmeric, rose, and other Ayurvedic herbs, that work on clearing complexion, controlling acne, fighting pigmentation and improving skin texture.

One of the best essential oils to control excessive oil production is citronella. Add a one or two drops to your sunscreen or moisturizer and you’ll actually see the difference. If you apply it at night, you’ll realize that the oil collection on your nose in the morning, is much much less!


Myth #2:

Facial Oils cause break outs and acne:


On the contrary, the right oil can help you get rid of acne!!

I’ve actually, personally seen the occurrence of acne reduce since I started using the kumkumadi tailam. Another amazing acne fighting oil is Tea Tree oil! Tea tree oil is an antiseptic oil which actually kills the bacteria that cause pimples.

You could take a cotton swab (ear bud) and dip it in 1 drop (again – just 1 drop) of tea tree oil, and dab it on your pimples! Your pimples will disappear (or at least reduce) over night! I’ve used the tea tree oil from The Body Shop which I quite like, or even the one from Nykaa is pretty good!


Myth #3:

Facial oils should be used at night only:


The reason for this myth is that during the day time, you need a product with SPF to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and facial oils do not have SPF.

But it does not mean that facial oils cannot not be applied during the day…  in fact, your skin could use the nourishment all through the day!

The simple solution for that is to add a drop (a single drop is more than enough) of facial oil to your sunscreen. It doesn’t just keep your skin nourished, it keeps it sun safe and also adds a distinct instant glow!

In fact, by adding a couple of drops to your sunscreen (even your moisturizer, etc.), the oil aids the active ingredients of your product to penetrate into your skin, faster.

I personally have been doing this for the past month and I’ve seen a huge difference in the appearance and quality of my skin, apart from the sudden “Your face is glowing” compliments! 😉 I’ve been using Lotus Herbals’ 3 in 1 matte 40 SPF sun safe sunscreen, along with a single drop of Inatur’s Kumkumadi Tailam facial oil!


Myth #4:

Facial oils are for winters only:


I’ve been using it in monsoon… the most moisture heavy and sticky weather Mumbai ever sees! Worse than summer in many ways! And I’ve never felt my skin feel better! In fact, I don’t even find the need of a moisturizer anymore… because once you get used to it, moisturizers start feeling sticky and shallow in comparison!


During winter, obviously the skin gets drier, and so maybe the quantity that you use could be increased by a drop (1 drop)! But your skin needs proper nutrition in all seasons… not just in the winter!



Face oils also work as an amazing anti-ageing product, because dry skin is the biggest cause of fine lines and wrinkles! When used regularly, pure oils penetrate deep into your skin, and keep it hydrated, reducing and slowing down the appearance of fine lines! Lavender Oil, is one of the best anti-ageing oils ever! It helps produce antioxidants that fight free radical damage and improves cellular communication within your skin! Ylang Ylang is another amazing essential oil which has great anti-aging benefits. You could just add a couple of drops to your night cream and watch the magic!



So next time you’re wondering whether facial oils are for you or not, just remember that they most definitely are for you! The right quantity is all you need!

Add a drop to your moisturizer, to your sunscreen or even to your foundation or BB cream… and you’re good to go 😉





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