OLAPLEX to the Hair Rescue…

Last week, I finally tried the Olaplex treatment at Jean-Claude Biguine India! Olaplex has been something I’ve been hearing about since a long time… It’s a hair strengthening treatment that’s being touted as something that’s changed the hair-care and hair-styling world! It has been a huge hit with Hollywood hair stylists, as something which limits and maybe even cures the damage done to hair due to coloring and other chemical treatments… And it’s only recently been brought into India by JeanClaudeBiguine

Personally, I’ve recently been having a very bad time with my hair… The hair color that I got done in December last year, finally gave way and started making the colored strands look frizzy and ugly! My shoots also require styling and the blow drying and all of this kinda sapped the life outta my hair making my gorgeous curls look more like a lifeless frizzy mop! (Not sharing a ‘before’ pic Coz it’s pretty damn embarrassing!)

I had actually been looking for a good hair repair treatment for a while but nothing sort of, convinced me! But after this treatment, I feel like my natural curls are back and alive!!

Olaplex claims to “reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair,” with a treatment called “bond multiplier”, which limits damage to hair during or after coloring.

So it’s especially helpful for those of us who color our hair because bleaching / pre-lightening breaks the disulphide sulphur bonds in our hair, which is what causes the damage! So Olaplex, can actually be mixed with the hair color (or during the pre-lightening stage) and that ensures that those bonds aren’t broken, thereby minimizing the damage! And it does not in any way interfere with the intensity of your hair color! How cool is that!!

Now, I’m not a scientist… not am I a hair expert… but I definitely can tell you from a consumer’s point of view, that I’m not sure technically what exact magic it does… but it definitely does something! It’s been almost a week… and my lifeless hair has its life back! (n I think the hair fall’s reduced too!)

That Olaplex treatment is a 3 step process… The first 2 steps at the salon are most crucial and step 3, is more of in-home maintenance to be used once a week or so.

At Jean Claude Biguine, Bandra, the cost of the one-time treatment is for INR 2500/- and in case you want to buy the No.3 (in-home product), then that’s another INR 2500/-.

The one time treatment, in my mind, is okay coz even a hair spa at a decent salon would pretty much cost the same (at least for my hair length)… though in combination with the 3rd product it sounds a lil steep! But then, you can always skip buying that in-home product, though I think it’s totally worth the shiner, happier hair!




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