Online Shopping Skeptics… Get initiated!

What’s the one sentence everyone making a speech opens their talk with… “Online is where the world is today!”… lol!

But then, it isn’t untrue, right! Yet when it comes to online shopping, there are still a lottt of people who just haven’t been gutsy enough to take the plunge!

Now you’ve probably already bought books, gadgets and CDs online, but fashion…? Now that’s the iffy bit!

Ask any online shopper, and they’ll tell you that some of the latest styles and trends that are available online, are even better than the kinds you’ll find in stores… even in malls and branded stores. So then what stops you from buying online? “I don’t know how people buy online… I’m not sure! … Hmmn… will the clothes fit me well? Does it really look like it does on the screen? What about the quality? How can I be sure about the size?” Those are all questions that plague the minds of the online shopping skeptics! (Believe me…, I meet at least 1 or 2 everyday)… And it’s still okay if you’re really slim or have that perfect figure… But for those of us who are better endowed in different areas, it becomes an even less appealing a prospect.

But you know what, it’s just the initial hesitation… I had it too until about 4 years back… but once I started shopping online, I realized what I’d been missing! I started off slow… with tees and nightwear, slowly went to dresses, then branded shoes and lingerie (where you know the fixed sizes) and finally two days ago, I did the unthinkable – bought gladiator shoes and a pair of heels from an online store’s private label! And I’m so kicked about it!! laugh

It’s a whole new world of fashion opportunities and choices… It’s excitement galore! Once you’re past that period of initial hesitation… there’s gonna be no stopping you!

So here are a few steps on how you can get over the trepidation and initiate yourself into the world of online shopping…

Step 1: Experiment with products that don’t have a size requirement:

Most of the times, size and fit is one of the biggest concerns while shopping online. So start with items that won’t have a sizing issue like accessories, bags, hats, etc. That’ll help you open up to the idea of online shopping and add a few really cool items to your wardrobe in the process wink

Step 2: Always read the returns policy

Most online shopping sites offer a full money back policy and have the returns picked up from you… however, there are those boutique sites which don’t… or which only offer exchanges or ask you to ship the items yourselves. Initially choose sites which have a full money back and easy returns policy. You don’t want a bad experience on this front and lose respect for online shopping forever cheeky

Also, avoid international shopping portals at the beginning… start with the Indian ones… a lot of international shopping portals face issues shipping to India (Our customs department in pretty infamous for causing trouble)and you’ll end up facing discomfort in the bargain. Once you’ve developed faith in the OL shopping process, then you can move on to the international portals..

Step 3: Look for familiarity

Initially, I would recommend going for branded stuff from an online marketplace… that means you try out the particular shoe or top at the store like a Vero Moda or UCB, and be sure of the size. Then you purchase it online from sites like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc. (chances are, you’ll be getting a better deal on it anyway smiley). This will give you confidence in shopping online… and when you do that, do go over the size chart shown just to familiarize yourself for the future…

Step 4: Start experimenting with low value purchases from private labels and boutique sites

Now that you’re getting a hang of it, start experimenting with low value, low risk purchases like tops, tees, maxi dresses, etc. where you know size isn’t too much of a bother. And in case you go really wrong with it or don’t like it, you can easily have it altered or there’s always the money back returns policy to fall back on!

Step 5: Dive in

By the time you’ve repeated step no.4 a few times, you’re ready to dive in and go crazy! You’re now all set to move on to the boutique portals, instagram stores, buying off FB pages, international sites and whatever else you fancy! smiley

There’ll always be those few things you’re very vary of buying… (like footwear in my case)… but once you overcome that, you too would have gone from being a skeptic to an online shopping pro laugh

Here’s an outfit I put together that I entirely bought online from Missamore, Desigual and

Details of the outfit:

The Maxi top is from… their ‘Devine Intervention’ collection!

Gladiator Shoes and leafy hand accessory from

The shorts are from Desigual… (Though when I bought them they were denim pants… however, after altering the length they kinda lost their shape… so I went all out and turned them into this really hot pair of shorts!)

Now get shopping!! wink




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