Past Life: Vintage Hollywood Dreams

vintage fashion wooden chalet fairy lights grace kelly inspired

    “That my life is a fairytale, is itself a fairytale” – Grace Kelly


I’ve always been fascinated by old Hollywood…! The Vintage has a certain romance to it… it’s fantastical and dreamy… lets you escape… And as someone rightly said, Hollywood was in the business of selling dreams 🙂


One of the reasons why we all still love old Hollywood movies of the 1940s and 50s is because of the charm! Because of the political nature of what society was going through during and after the second world war and the great depression, movies served as the only means for people to escape and forget their realities for those few hours. That’s also why we saw so many fantasy movies, romance dramas of the high society, love triangles and thrillers… and much less of realism in cinema of that era (apart from the patriotic war movies). They were all a means of transporting people into another world.


Fashion in those days was given upmost importance… and that’s possibly what I love about the most! It was the era of the emergence of some of the most iconic fashion houses… Salvatore Ferragamo, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior… it was an era where the movies were dreams, and the actors and their individual styles, personified those dreams for millions.


I’ve always loved the clean silhouettes, gorgeous over-coats, the large flare dresses, the puffy sleeves, extravagant hats and the pearl strings. Those little hand-gloves and elegant pumps, and the classic hairstyles with bold lips! I remember, a couple of years ago on my trip to San Francisco, I walked into this large vintage fashion store with multiple levels, at #HaithAshbury. Frankly, if I could, I’d have purchase the entire store! What may seem like ‘costumes’ to most people, are things I could live in forever.


When I close my eyes, I think of Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn and I can’t help but wish to have been born in that era, with the fashion and the music of those days.


So, for my second chapter of Past Life, I decided to recreate this golden era of Hollywood inspired by the Dream Girls and their fashion elements.



Past Life Vintage Dreams



vintage fashion 9 fairy lights


Vintage Hollywood inspired fashion fairy lights curtains retro makeup


Vintage fashion 1940s inspired look wooden chalet hollywood Monteria Resort Khopoli


Past Life: Vintage Dreams

Old hollywood vintage inspired makeup, hair and outfit Sonal Agrawal Blogger


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Vintage Hollywood inspired look grace kelly 1950s retro Sonal Agrawal fashion blogger india



Photography: Anoop Padalkar

Outfit: Kkaanch Advanie Label

Makeup and Hair: Renuka Shetty

Location: Monteria Resort, Khopoli (Near Mumbai)



Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Also, do check out my previous post in the Past Life series, about the Moghul Queen Hamida. 


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