Perfectly Athleisure in Jogger Pants and Tank Tops!

Athleisure’- one of the biggest global trends rocking (literally) the fashion world these days…! It’s nothing but two words… ‘Atheletic’ and ‘Leisure’! Simply put, it’s just about wearing what’s typically supposed to look like ‘sports-wear’, to ‘non-sporting’, casual and social occasions! And it’s been doing the rounds in India as well!

So if you’ve seen people stroll into shopping malls in tracks and tees, wear jogger pants or leggings and sweatshirts to work and boxers and sneakers at cafes… yep! That’s athleisure for you! The essence of athleisure is in the fact that it’s comfortable and low-key fashion, which reflects a very laidback and chilled-out state-of-mind! I’ve always maintained… how you feel, reflects in how you dress and visa versa! And this trend is one of those things, that simply ‘lets you be’!

However, just because it looks like joggers and tank tops, doesn’t mean you should actually wear your gym-wear to work! Athleisure wear, is after-all, a style statement in its own right! You can’t let it look drab! Hence, brands have started making ‘athleisure-wear’, which is clothes that look like sports-wear, but which have a more sophisticated aura of style around them!  They’re cool and casual, yet fashionable and stylish!

Yet, if you do want to wear your gym wear to the mall, make sure you add a couple of stylish elements like a casual jacket or a sexy sling bag to create that fashionable aura! Wear casual kicks and not running shoes… after all, the mall is not a treadmill! 😉

So here’s a look I put together, wearing these lovely mint green jogger pants and tank top, both from! Bewakoof, just as the name suggests, has a lot of fun and funky casual-wear for both men & women… perfect for you to find your athleisure outfit for every possible occasion! 😉

I tried on a couple of jackets, both of which lend a different touch to the look. The Orange short jacket makes it a more vibrant and energetic. That’s the look I wore a few days back for a movie afternoon by myself, followed by some books shopping at Crossword! But this is also something that I’d love to wear when I’m going out chilling with the girls or even to office on a working weekend! 🙂

The second look with the washed out denim jacket is more laid-back and instantly makes you feel ‘like a looong vacation’! I’d love to wear that when I’m traveling… on a road trip or even to the airport! It’s just one of those outfits that you can wear, get your music and a book and take off!!

Outfit Details:

Joggers and tank top:

Sneakers: Vans

Metallic blue Headphones: Sony

Sling bag: Small leather store in Athens, Greece

Orange denim Jacket in look 1: River Island

Washed out denim jacket in look 2: Gap

And all these pretty pictures of me are courtesy Sonalee D

Hope you like the pics and do share your pics with me in case you recreate these looks.



Look 1:











Look 2:





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