RoadTrippin in Style: 5 style tips for long distance road travel

So just last night, I got back from my all-exciting trip to Hyderabad! And this time, we thought of skipping the flights and the trains… and decided to drive down instead! (A decision fueled by our 10day new and sexy, Mahindra XUV 500 W10!) 😀

Now every girl who’s done road travel in India, knows it’s not a cake-walk! Exciting yes… but comfortable… definitely not! And so it’s up to us to make sure that we’re as comfy as we can be!

Now comfort isn’t just about carrying your hand-sanitizer, wet-wipes, sun-block and pack of chips… it’s also about the way you dress!

Travelling through the interiors in India can be quite a challenge since you’re going to have to stop at dhabas, small chai shops and oh… don’t even remind me of the shady loos!!

So dressing in shorts would probably be the best, if only it wasn’t for all the uncomfortable and curious stares!!

I personally am not okay with people ogling at me beyond a point… and it’s not just about me. When traveling in a group it’s still okay but when you’re travelling as a couple or with girl friends, it’s nicer to be a little careful. And yet… having said that, we all want our trip pix to be awesome!! (Hence I’m not in favour of track-pants and tees either) laugh

So here are 5 tips that you can use to make your road travel stylish, yet comfortable.

#1: Flair it up with Long Bottoms!

I love the look created by maxi skirts and palazzo pants! Team them up with cool crop tops or layer them with a light linen shirt… they simply tick all the boxes! They’re comfy – yea! Stylish – hell yea!

And you’ll probably still get those stares… but for all the right reasons! 😉

I’m not too big on jeans during road trips… just find them to tight and uncomfortable to sit cross-legged in the car! Gets worse if you’re travelling in the summer heat!

In fact, Indian handlooms (especially cottons) according to me are the best bet! They keep you cool and are easily breathable.

#2: Scarves and wraps!

Scarves, dupattas and stolls go a long way in road travel. They’re a stylish accessory that can act like a multiple things on your way…! They can be the colourful fashion accessory around your neck, the funky head-wrap in the heat & wind, a cover-up when you’re asleep in the car, a filmy dupatta-in-the-wind in case you’re peeping out from the sun-roof,  a towel when you don’t have anything else and a curtain, in-case the fields and bushes are all you can find 😛

#3: Mad-Hatter

Hot summers, road trips and hats… all go hand in hand!

And hats do add that touch of funk and style making for really cool photographs and keeping you from getting tanned!

My personal favorites are the large rimmed ones or floppy hats! They tend to go with any and every look!

#4: Sunglasses

That one accessory we all know to lift up the fashion quotient of any selfie or photograph taken! Trip pics are simply incomplete if you don’t have your glares and are instead squinting away to sunshine!

I usually carry at least 2-3 different types. After all,  you don’t wanna be wearing the same ones in all your pics throughout the trip!

#5: Gypsy sling bags and long necklaces!

I love to add a little boho to my travel outfits… and so I can’t quite do without my gypsy necklaces and slings!

The trick is to keep the necklace light and simple so that it doesn’t trouble you in the journey. You don’t wanna be carrying too much weight around your neck. Hence, smaller beaded necklaces and fabric beads would be best.

I usually always carry a funky sling bag, even if I’m carrying a tote or a larger bag for my actual use. Sling bags don’t just add to the whole casual look of the outfit… they also come in handy when you just wanna step out of the car carrying your wallet, phone and sanitizer… instead of lugging around the larger bag with all the other stuff.

So here are two looks – one I wore on my way to Hyderabad and the other I wore on my way back!

Look 1: Mumbai to Hyderabad

Here I’m wearing a wrap-around maxi skirt that I bought from a cottage industries fair, a beige colour racer back top from OMO and a white linen shirt, front open to keep it casual and to cover-up as and when it calls for it wink

The lovely beaded necklace from Bali and my floppy hat from Zara to complete the look!

Shoes – I prefer wearing flat slip-ons… these gypsy leather babies from CatWalk!


Here’s my favorite selfie ever! 😀


Look 2: Hyderabad to Mumbai

On the way back I wore these lovely, roomie and breezy palazzos from FabIndia with a black crop-top from Zara, with that lovely ikkat scarf and silk sling bag form adding that pop of colour and my favorite long jade necklace from Singapore, completing the fun,  gypsy look!





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