Sleep Wear to Street Wear RuleBook – Do’s and Don’ts (Featuring Valentine Clothes)

So I’m sure you’ve been seeing one of the hottest Instagram fashion trends around… “the sleepwear to street wear trend” for a while now… where you see celebrities and fashion bloggers wearing their pyjamas on the street – to lunches, to the mall, to the movies, even to parties… and you’re either left amazed at how they manage to make it look so cool, or are flabbergasted by why they’d do that!!!


Either ways, trust me when I say… this trend, is the biggest paradox the fashion world will ever throw at you! Because while on one hand, it’s a comfort-seeker’s haven… on the other hand, it does take guts and sass, to actually pull it off!


So I’ve put together a rule book of do’s and don’ts with which you can rock your pyjamas on the streets like a pro!






The trick honestly, is to choose the right sleep-wear to style! For first timers, it might be a little difficult to immediately start rocking the nighties and robes on the streets of India… so you can begin with choosing beautiful looking lounge-wear that’s already made stylish with funky details.


There are a few brands in India currently who are actually trying to create lounge-wear and sleep-wear that’s good looking, stylish and high quality… and ideally that’s what you should go for!


For example, I’m wearing this lounge set from Valentine Clothes (just love their styling on lounge-wear). The amazing thing is that this lounge set already came with beautiful blue tulip pants and this lemon-yellow top with small tassel details near the neck! These style elements, made it very easy for me to style this and wear this to the pool-side for a barbecue!





The spirit of this trend lies in experimenting! So, if you decide to wear your lounge-wear to the mall… make sure you’re not just throwing it on and walking out in your flip-flops! Do something a little extra with it… match it with a pair of ripped shorts or add a couple of brooches! Maybe even just roll up the sleeves or add a front knot on your top (like I’ve done with my top here)!


You could even add a jacket or a shrug to it…! Or if it’s a lounge-pants set, tuck-in the top and use a belt to make it look like a funky jumpsuit! – The possibilities are limitless!


For example, here, I’ve reinterpreted this lounge set as a semi-formal jumpsuit, and I’ve experimented with a formal-shirt inside, with a tie and lapel pin to add some quirks to the look!!




Accessories are the key! Accessories are what will take your “Ghar Ka Clothes” to rocking street-style outfits! – Jewelery, bags, fanny-packs, scarves, hats… adding these can totally funk up even the most mundane of your pyjamas!

For example, here I’m wearing these super-comfy gray ribbed pyjama pants with a light pink regular cotton tee… both from Valentine Clothes, but because I want to wear this to a store-launch… I’ve paired it with heels, my Louis Vuitton bag and a pair of large, fancy sunglasses! These simple, classic accessories add finesse to the comfortable, casual outfit making it a 100% fit to be worn to brunches and movies alike!


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Belts, again, can take your outfit from looking like a pyjama… to looking like a fancy co-ord set! Use them to add structure and shape to your outfit… apart from the funk or the bling that they can bring!




  • Choose the right FOOTWEAR:


Wear anything other than our home-slippers or flip flops!

Because you’re taking your PJ’s out to the street, your footwear plays a very important role. Not only does it make the outfit look more ‘street’… the footwear can decide the mood and the look that you’re going for! For example, you could wear sneakers with your loungewear and head to the super-market or wear heels with the same pyjama set and head out for a lunch with your girls.

Heels especially add not only a slight bit of formality to your outfit, they also give your body posture… so you yourself don’t ‘feel’ like you’re dressed in PJ’s. Heels also make sure the pants fall straight, without forming creases that may make the pyjamas look clumsy like ‘pyjamas’!

Here I’m wearing these printed pyjama pants from Valentine Clothes with a gray boat neck workout top! Both together are super comfortable, but I’ve let the neck, drop from one shoulder… and have added heels to not let it look like I just stepped out in my pyjamas! I could be headed for a movie here, but the same thing in ballerinas or flat boots, could be perfect for hours of shopping at the mall!





Call it a funky twist on sleepwear or a quirky reinterpretation of streetwear, the one thing this look can’t do without, is confidence and attitude!

You have to forget you’re wearing sleepwear (the fact that it’s so comfortable is just an added advantage) … and be confident that you’re looking stylish, funky and superbly dressed!







The one thing that you CANNOT do, is be uncomfortable! That just beats the whole point, right?!

So, don’t worry about people staring at you… the only person that needs to love how you’re dressed, is you! If YOU feel uncomfortable or feel like you can’t step out in it, then don’t! And if YOU like what the mirror shows you, then screw the world… just go out there and rock it!


Also, choose lounge-wear or night-wear that you’re comfortable wearing in public! If see-through and deep necklines are not your thing, then avoid those and go for funky PJ sets! No point forcing yourself to do something when your primary aim from this look, is ‘comfort’!



Tuck-in the shirt or leave it out; but the one thing you never do with this look, is let it look clumsy.

Your clothes can’t be creased or wrinkled! If you’re going for cotton, make sure you iron it before wearing.

Faded clothes, torn and sagging clothes are a big No-No! It’s sleep-wear to street-wear… Not Trash to street-wear!

The sharper, crisper your look, the better it is… because, by nature, loungewear will add that overall laid-back vibe to it!)



I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it inspired you to go out there, have fun with your sleep wear and go rock the streets in your PJs!!


In case you decide to try out these looks, do share your pics with me and leave your comments below!




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