What I Wore at The Lakme Fashion Week 2018

Lakme Fashion week has to be the most stylish place in Mumbai… and for those 5 days, every 6 months, you legit have the chance to only think of nothing but clothes, looks, style and accessories! To dress your stylish best, to behave like a diva and to get away with it all 😉


And the LFW isn’t just about what’s on the ramp… the fashion quotient is actually turned up a notch off-the ramp too…! So, if you’re planning to visit any of the Fashion Weeks, in any of the coming seasons… remember, the spotlight is on you too! 😉


This season, the Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018, was at Jio Garden in Mumbai, and while the venue is beautiful and extremely accessible, it’s burning hot too… especially in the afternoons…! Keeping that in mind, and of course my own personal style, I styled my 5 outfits for this season…!


This season however, unlike the last few times (see my last season’s looks here), because of all the travel I couldn’t find the time to create / design my own outfits… (Yes, I know my Kutch blogs are also still pending 🙁 🙁 . )


So, I kinda managed to put together these outfits quite last minute… and frankly speaking… I personally quite loved what I eventually ended up with 😀


In case you haven’t had the chance to catch them on my Instagram, here’s a quick recap and the details for you :*


Day 1:


Lakme fashion week 2018 street style day 1 - 2


Block printed Summer Trench Coat: Jajaabor ( Based out of Delhi!)

Believe me, I love this so much… I think you’re going to see a lot of it on my blog every now and then 😀


Denim Shorts: A very very old pair… I think I bought it some 7yrs ago in Globus… and I still wear it like it’s brand new! (sometimes you just end up making those brilliant shopping decisions that you feel so proud of yourself for! :P)


Black Leotard: My absolute favorite staple that goes with every damn thing… from Koovs.


Trekking Boots: Woodland


Accessories: The beauties that actually make this entire outfit… these, are both from Kolkata.

The shorter piece is an Afghani piece in silver which I bought at Chambalamba, in the Hogg Market of Kolkata… and the longer one is actually a belt, which I bought in the Ghariahat market. (Watch my Kolkata Shopping Haul video here)


Lakme fashion week 2018 street style day 1 - 1



Day 2:


Lakme fashion week 2018 street style day 2 - 2

My personal favorite look out of the 5!


Kaanjari: The blouse, is called a Kaanjari, and it’s a traditional blouse worn by the nomadic Rabari community in the Kutchch district of Gujrat. It’s entirely hand embroidered… and apparently the woman I bought it from, took 2 years to make it !!!! :O


Bottoms: It’s actually a plain black dupatta, which I’ve tied like a fun and modern version of a dhoti, over my high waist blue denims from H&M.


Necklace: A banjaran necklace from


Shoes: Tie-up formal shoes, coz they’re comfortable and look good with everything!


Bag: The bag, again is something I bought from an NGO called Qasab (damn the name :P) in Kutchch. It’s hand-embroidered by one of the local communities there and the style of embroidery is called ‘Neran’.


My hair-do is courtesy of the Tresemme Runway Studio at the LFW venue 😀


lakme fashion week 2018 street style



Lakme fashion week street style 2018 Day 2-1



Day 3:


Lakme fashion week street style 2018 Day 3-1


If Day 2 was an ode to Kutchchi art, this look, from day 3, was pretty much was like an ode to Kolkata and the arts and symbols of Kolkata.


Dress: Tahweave

Tahweave is one of the sustainable fashion designers that showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week on Day 5, based out of Kolkata, and this dress is a beautiful, breezy and breathable handwoven cotton-silk layered dress.



Kaali necklace: The Kaali necklace is hand-painted on wood by Razia Kunj… which is very symbolic of the Bengali culture.


Wooden Comb: This beautiful necklace made out of a wooden comb, again is a Bengali piece of art, which I bought at the Biswa Bangla store at the Kolkata Airport.


Lakme fashion week street style 2018 Day 3-2


Lakme fashion week street style 2018 Day 3 - Tahweave


Day 4:


lakme fashion week day 4 street style 2018


This one I’ve literally put together 15mins before stepping outside the house! Why? Coz I was actually planning on skipping Day 4… Lol! But I’m glad I didn’t, else I’ve never have discovered this beautiful Kashmiri stole in Mum’s cupboard!



Stole: Oh yes! This gorgeous hand-embroidered Kashmiri stole is something mum bought from the Chandigarh airport!! (hmmn.. airports seem to have some very unique finds these days!)


I decided to make the stole the center piece and paired it with a basic white shirt from H&M and my staple torn jeans from Roadster! But it’s the accessories and the footwear that really complete the look!



Large Silver necklace: Tribe By Amrapali (I love it so much, I could literally live in it)

Choker: Is actually a belt which I’ve wrapped around my neck, just like the pink one from Day 1. Also bought at Ghariahat market in Kolkata.


Shoes: Marks & Spencer


Bag: Oh yes! This Daakia bag from Happily Unmarried adds that extra quirk to the entire look! (Not clearly visible in the pics though :()


Lakme fashion week street style day 4 - 2018



Day 5:


lakme fashion week street style punit balana 2 


Last but not the least, this outfit from designer Punit Balana, I wore to attend his show! And well, I had the best front row seat one could ever ask for! 😛


Top: Punit Balana


Shorts: Oh, these are the same old ones from Day 1! Lol! (See what I meant)


Shoes: Carlton London


Earrings: These hand-crafted earrings from Razia Kunj were such a perfect match! 😀


Bag: My black Louis Vuitton Epi leather Speedy, to finish the look!


lakme fashion week streetstyle punit balana Razia Kunj 3


lakme fashion week street style punit balana 1



Hope you liked my street style looks at the Lakme Fashion week 2018… and do comment below and let me know which your favorite one was!




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