Sustainable & Abstract – The Colour Blocking Trend in 2018

“We find ourselves in the presence of an abstract art. Art should be above reality, otherwise it would have no value for man.” – Piet Mondrain, 1914


colour blocking fashion blogger in mumbai


Inspired by abstract art, one of this year’s roaring trends, seen at fashion weeks all over the world is, colour blocking!

Bright colours and summer… A match made in heaven!!


But what really is colour blocking? Basically, it’s the kind of styling that’s done by putting together contrasting or complementary colours, in large patches!


Colour blocking isn’t new to the fashion world though… it was seen all over Hollywood in the mid-90’s and has come back and been doing the rounds for the last few years again…! But this, happens to be one of my personal favorite styles of dressing!


Inspired by the abstract art of Dutch artist  Piet Mondrian in the early 1900s, colour blocking is touted as something that’s only for the brave! For those who dare to stand out and wear art, because not everyone can carry off, such bold, mismatched colours!


True… but not true, if you ask me!!


I think colour blocking is in fact something that’s very much wearable and adds a certain spunk and fun element to the wearer’s personality, no matter who it is! Of course, one needs to be careful when doing the mix-n-match yourself, to make sure you’re looking seamless and classy, otherwise you run the risk of turning up looking like a circus!


In fact, unlike before, in 2018, colour blocking isn’t just about mix-n-match and wearing colours in blocks!


For example, designers like Door of Maai, which I’m wearing here, have already taken colour blocking to the next level… by fusing complementary colours in lines and patterns, making it far easier for you and me to carry off this trend! All we need to do, is know how to match the right accessories… and we’re sorted!


The basic trick  to mix-n-match here is to put together colours that are either on the opposite ends of the standard colour wheel (e.g. blue & orange)… or all on the same side (e.g. the different tones from orange to violet)!



For example, in Look 1, I’m wearing boots that are from the same olive green family, but in a slightly different tone to the darker side…


colour blocking fashion blogger in mumbai
Look 1:


… whereas in Look 2, I’m wearing Orange colour boots, which are completely on the opposite side of the Deep Blue of the dress!


colour blocking - sustainable fashion blogger
Look 2


What’s also amazing about this brand in particular, is that it’s totally sustainable. The fabrics are certified organic fabrics, and yet, unlike the general perception of sustainable clothing (raw, unfinished, rustic)… the fabrics in this collection from Door Of Maai have a beautiful, refined, rich finish!


Usually, organic clothing reminds us of dull, raw colours… reminding us of natural dyes and beautiful earthiness! This collection from Door of Maai, however, is extremely pop, with a fusion of bright, bold and fun colours that are far from the stereotypes of ‘organic’ as we know it!


colour blocking pinkpeppercorn sustainable fashion blogger mumbai


What I love hence, is that it’s almost like ethically done pop art… which you don’t just have fun styling but feel proud wearing too!


Personally, I had the most amount of fun ever, experimenting with looks for this shoot! And yet, there are so many more ways that I can think of styling these same outfits!


Here are some more pictures from this shoot:



Look 1:



Look 2:



Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do leave your comments and let me know if you did.




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