Sustainable Fashion: But, How does it affect me?!

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Did you know that the Fast Fashion Industry, is the second largest polluter in the world, next only to the oil industry?!

Or are you one of those who thinks that “sustainable fashion is just a foo-faa mumbo jumbo word, and that all these talks of sustainability and ecological contamination – how does it really affect me?!”

Well I’m going to tell u why it should matter to u…! At a very personal, individual level!



  • Say hello to skin allergies: The toxic chemicals used to make fast fashion can cause skin rashes, allergies, etc., which may not show up now, but can lead to serious skin disorders in the longer run.


  • You May be eating plastic fibers: Yes, you read that right! 30% of plastic pollution in oceans is caused by microfibers, and 35% of that is from our polyester / synthetic clothes that are washed and drained out through our washing machines. These end up getting consumed by the fish, making them sick, and then the sick fish with undigested microfiber in turn end up on our sea-food plate, making us sick!


We all talk about ‘milaavat’ in food, as if only food brands are causing it. But think about it… we’re all equally responsible. We’re creating it every time we buy and wash our fast fashion, polyester clothes!


  • Your clothes might be increasing your Body Odour: Synthetics like lycra, polyester, etc., are not as breathable as natural fabrics (cottons, linens) and they keep moisture, along with heat locked in, causing infections and rashes!

Haven’t you ever wondered why you sweat more or have more body odour when you wear synthetics? Well, this is the simple answer to that!



  • Soon, you’ll have to go bankrupt if you want to wear weaves and embroideries that your grandmother wore!

When I traveled to Kutch earlier this year, I found out that more and more artisans in various parts of India, are leaving their art behind and taking up menial jobs such as ‘watering crops in farms’, because they don’t feel motivated to create anymore! Why? Because you and I don’t value or buy them anymore! We don’t pay them enough for their art…! We pay them less than what they make by watering fields as daily labor!

Slow fashion and ethical fashion brands believe in fair trade and paying proper wages and respecting their art…! But we choose to call them ‘unnecessarily expensive’… and still, choose to buy the cheaper, mass produced, factory made fast fashion clothes!

Soon, there will be a time when you will want a piece of handmade ‘Chanderi’, and you won’t be able to afford anything more than a polyester fake!



Now… I understand that it is practically impossible to suddenly wake up one day and decide to throw out your wardrobe and replace it with sustainable fashion.


I myself haven’t been able to do it! And mind you, I still love my fast fashion, because there are certain styles and fits are only possible with blended fabrics!


So, in no way am I saying that throw away all your fast fashion and replace your wardrobe! (That would only create even more waste J). But If you so much so as understand why it’s important to move towards ethical, sustainable fashion… hopefully, it will impact your purchase and usage decisions! Hopefully, it will make you think before you buy… and before you waste!


And if you’re wondering about how to take your first steps towards consciousness, and how to move towards ethical fashion… stay tuned for my next post which talks about very simple ways in which you can move towards sustainability and sustainable fashion.


Love you loads


Sustainable Fashion: But, How does it affect me?!

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