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Slow Down – The Future of Indian Fashion

The difference between slow fashion and fast fashion is that of a ‘slo-mo’ video and a ‘boomerang’ video! A slo-mo shows you intricacies, details and beauty even in the most mundane things such as your hair flying in the wind or the crease on your skirt while you twirl! A boomerang video on the other …

Burberry trench coat stripes

The Tale of Thomas Burberry – A Point of View!

  When I saw this gorgeous piece of cinematic story-telling produced by Burberry for its latest commercial… I couldn’t keep myself from going and checking out more about Thomas Burberry! And that my dear, is the whole point of this communication! To bring back exotica… relevance and to make the younger kids sit up, relate …


It’s no SECRET anymore!

Recently I was reading this Wall Street Journal article about how Victoria’s Secret, the iconic lingerie brand, built over decades with its entire focus on padded and push-up bras, is going through one of the roughest times in their history because of one little trend… ‘The Bralette’! Bralettes are essentially non-padded / lightly padded, non-underwire, really comfortable undergarments …


Is ‘made-to-measure’ the rising revolution in men’s fashion in India?

Let’s be honest… Most fashion brands – international and Indian, don’t know how to make perfect fitting clothes for Indian men! They typically make shirts in standard sizes and most Indian men don’t fit those standard sizes! So either all Indian men have to start working out, change their body proportions disproportionately  and become those …


Online Shopping Skeptics… Get initiated!

What’s the one sentence everyone making a speech opens their talk with… “Online is where the world is today!”… lol! But then, it isn’t untrue, right! Yet when it comes to online shopping, there are still a lottt of people who just haven’t been gutsy enough to take the plunge! Now you’ve probably already bought …


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