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The Future of Design in Fashion – Reflections from the Past

  Thinking about the future of design is like playing Nostradamus to a field that is not only massive, but is all encompassing! Narrowing it down to fashion industry, is still quite vast, though it allows us think in the realms of clothing and accessories! However, design, even within fashion isn’t just limited to that! …


Wearable Art

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way fashion is created and consumed in India. Where even half a decade ago, people were going crazy about innovations in synthetic fabrics and large scale, short production cycles… we’ve come back to a point where natural, rough fabrics, the thought, the skill …


Slow Down – The Future of Indian Fashion

The difference between slow fashion and fast fashion is that of a ‘slo-mo’ video and a ‘boomerang’ video! A slo-mo shows you intricacies, details and beauty even in the most mundane things such as your hair flying in the wind or the crease on your skirt while you twirl! A boomerang video on the other …


Inspired by Sri Lanka

Last month, I celebrated my Birthday in Sri Lanka and must say, I was totally smitten by the sheer natural beauty of the place! The bright turquoise blue ocean, the stark shades of green and the bright orange sunset… together, they formed a medley of colours that I’ll never get out of my mind. I’ve …


Loving Ikat… with

Ironically, the latest trend this season is something that’s timeless and evergreen…and that has been around for decades! The gorgeous and subtle weaves of Ikat – an ancient form of handlooms, from AndhraPradesh. Ikat textiles are characterized by their blurring shades of colour… one almost merging into another – an illusion created by the subtle …


The Green Movement & What Ethical Fashion Means?!

The ‘Green Movement’ seems like ‘THE’ term in the fashion industry that has being doing the rounds off-late…! With the Green initiative hitting fashion weeks all over the world, and in fact, even the Oscars this year, one obviously starts to wonder, what is ethical fashion all about!? Can fashion really even be ethical? Isn’t …


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Sonal is a Post Graduate in Luxury Brand Management from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, Florence (Italy) and has over 9 years of experience as a Brand Strategist working in the advertising industry.

She has also been a Consumer Insights Miner specializing in fashion and luxury brands.