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Inside Mumbai: Chapter 4: Dhobi Ghat

  Dhobi Ghat… The World’s largest laundry! If it’s not something you’ve visited yet, then there’s a significant part of Mumbai’s wonderful culture, that you aren’t still exposed to!   With 140yrs of heritage, Dhobi Ghat is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen. It is made up of rows of two-storey houses, and every house …


The Secrets of The Blue City : Inside Jodhpur

Hey Guys! Some of you who follow me on Instagram, youtube or facebook, know that I had been to Jodhpur in Rajasthan, about 3 weeks ago! Yes, it was the peak of summer and Jodhpur was hot like crazy, but the little nuggets that I’m going to share with you, will tell you what made …

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Yacht Racing In Mumbai | Sailing the Arabian Sea

  My Experience participating in the Naval Yacht Race… “Away All Sails” organized on 24th march, 2018 in Mumbai, by The Royal Bombay Yacht Club and Johnnie Walker… followed by a Johnnie Walker Sundowner! We went deep into the ocean, beat the other sail boats, avoided banging into some large ships, and had some very …


Inspired by Sri Lanka

Last month, I celebrated my Birthday in Sri Lanka and must say, I was totally smitten by the sheer natural beauty of the place! The bright turquoise blue ocean, the stark shades of green and the bright orange sunset… together, they formed a medley of colours that I’ll never get out of my mind. I’ve …


Beach Bohemia

Why Beaches and Boho are a match made in heaven! Did you know you have a ‘Blue Mind’?! I didn’t… but according to Wallace J Nicholas, we all have a Blue Mind! It means “A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with life in the …


Travel in Style: Why I love Portland and why you MUST Include it in your Travel Itinerary

Generally, when one’s planning their travel in the US, they don’t include Portland in their itinerary! It’s always Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Miami, LA… But Portland??!!! Why would you think of Portland!? Well, I’ve been there… And honestly, I think people really should start including it in their travel plans!! Because, it’s awesome sauce! …


Travel in Style: My San Francisco Story

  Hi Everyone!!! I know it’s been a looong time since the last time I blogged but as you probably know… I just got back from this loooong vacation around the US! 40 days, 9 states, a mother-daughter duo, loads sight-seeing and tons of shopping – All the ingredients you need for a super-awesome vacation!! …


RoadTrippin in Style: 5 style tips for long distance road travel

So just last night, I got back from my all-exciting trip to Hyderabad! And this time, we thought of skipping the flights and the trains… and decided to drive down instead! (A decision fueled by our 10day new and sexy, Mahindra XUV 500 W10!) 😀 Now every girl who’s done road travel in India, knows …



Hello all you wonderful people and thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂 I’ve been back from Goa for over a week and still can’t get over that feeling of lounging on the beach… sipping on Kings and staring at endless blue sea! That’s why I’ve been keeping these posts coming slowly… one-by-one… so that …


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