The Key to Mental Health During the Lockdown – MINDFULNESS

The last 45days have been extremely difficult for not just every Indian, but everyone around the world. This fight against COVID-19, hasn’t just had us locked away in self quarantine, it has brought the world to a stand-still. But the lockdown doesn’t just have its economic and social repercussions… it has been severely affecting mental health. Loneliness, isolation and depression I believe are more real threats to human beings than corona itself.

While there are several helpline numbers and volunteer services trying to help people deal with mental illness… I truly believe practicing mindfulness is one of the only ways around it.

Being mindful means simply trying to keep your mind in the present. Living in the now. When your mind wavers into the past and into the possibilities of the future is when dissociation happens… disappointment, regret, fear – all kinds of negative thoughts tend to creep in.

Hence the only way is to focus on your present… be fully involved in what you’re doing and where you at in the present. Be fully aware of yourself, of your breathing and of your existence- because that’s the only real reality.

Practicing mindfulness is extremely simple and extremely difficult. Simple – because all you need to do is focus and enjoy every moment. Consume the moment with all your senses! So if your cooking or cleaning or playing with your cat… immerse yourself in it. The colors, the smells, the various sounds, the texture of the things that you’re working with… if you focus on it, it’s like meditation in itself. It improves your focus, your concentration and increases productivity. But the best thing about it is that it doesn’t let you feel exhausted or tired. Instead, you’d have enjoyed even the most menial chore.

At the same time, it’s extremely difficult because the human mind is so full of unconnected thoughts that it’s difficult to not get distracted.

So practice becomes most important. For example, when you’re cooking… the moment you catch yourself thinking about some past incident related to that dish or how you want to cook this for your boyfriend / girlfriend after the lockdown… bring yourself back! Focus on the ingredients, on the smell, on the sound. It’s all about training your mind to be in the present!

The more you practice mindfulness, the stronger your mind becomes and the more peaceful.

It’s like meditation every moment… till this meditation becomes your way of life. ❤

Take care everyone. I wish you all good health, strength and a lot of positivity! 🙂



Sonal Agrawal



lockdown life mindfulness sonal agrawal quarantine mental health


lockdown life mindfulness sonal agrawal quarantine mental health


lockdown life mindfulness sonal agrawal


lockdown life mindfulness sonal agrawal quarantine mental health


lockdown life mindfulness sonal agrawal quarantine mental health

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