Travel in Style: Greece in Winter

Last year for my birthday we decided to make a trip to one of my dream destinations – Greece!… in December!

Now a lot of people would say that Greece is a summer destination… why would you wanna go there in December… and they wouldn’t be wrong…! Greece truly is a summer destination… but that’s only coz you havn’t been there in winter!!

There’s a whole difference side to the place that you can experience in December – mostly because it is winter and all the touristy stuff is shut! smiley

So yes, taking ferries to most islands becomes difficult, the beach waters are pretty chilly  and your pictures aren’t going to be as bright and blue … but what the heck! You’ll experience the peace and tranquility and the sheer warmth of affection from people what no crowded summer can give… and a chance to wear the coolest coats and winter-wear that Bombay doesn’t let you wink!

Another good thing about going there in December is that the weather is pleasantly chilly (something that’s very welcome coming from Bombay) but is not the kinds that’ll freeze the blood in your veins unlike other parts of Europe during this time… Nights do tend to get really cold, but it’s still bearable n enjoyable!

So we decided that instead of island hopping (which is what we would’ve done in summer), we wanted to experience and take in, the city of Athens – one of the oldest and historically most significant cities in the Western world and explore only a few other destinations that were unique and breathtaking. So we chose to live in Athens for a good 10days, spend 3 days in Santorini and 2 days at the monasteries in the sky – Meteora!

I’ve created a short post each, for all the 3 places we lived in… hope you enjoy travelling with me through these heartheart

Photographed at the Anchient Aghora in Athens… Wearing this top and bag from Zara, jeans from H&M, bespoke leather jacket and boots from a local store in Athens… Scarf from the local flea market 😀

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