Self-Love: The only True Love

Have you ever been in love?!


I have…! And trust me, being in love is the most beautiful feeling ever!! Truly loving someone for everything that they are…! For their strengths, for their flaws… for everything that they are, and in spite of it!


You love them, you stand by them… You support them in everything they want to do…! And when they’re upset, you want to do everything in your power to bring them that ray of sunshine…!


And while you’re doing all of it for someone else, someone you truly love… you tend to ignore your one true love… Yourself!


Maybe, it’s because you still haven’t realized the only person who’s going to stay with you in the end, is yourself.

And if that’s the case, shouldn’t you work extra hard on pleasing that person… On making sure she’s happy…! That no matter what, you’re always there to tell her ‘don’t worry… I’m there and we’ll make it work’!


When you are in a relationship, you spend soooo much time, effort and energy in understanding the other person. Identifying what they like, dislike… In making sure u know everything about them. Reading their every facial expression, every twitch, every scar… trying to decode their every feeling…!


Shouldn’t you do that for your one true love?!


The more I understand this… The more I learn how to truly love others. For there is no ‘I Love You’ without and ‘I’ first!


We live in an age where self-Love is looked down upon as vanity…  As narcissism! But self-Love isn’t what makes you vain or narcissistic… It in fact is what sets you free! It in fact is what makes you even more empathetic towards others… It liberates you to truly be able to love others and be fair to others with all your heart!


Self-Love is the only true love!


Oh, and I’m not saying be selfish! There’s a difference between being selfish and being in love with yourself. When you love yourself, you truly accept yourself for who you are. For your strengths, for your flaws, for your stupidities and for your courage… you actually stop being selfish! Because an unconditional acceptance of oneself actually brings contentment… and hence, there’s no need for you to be selfish anymore!


I see sadness, loneliness and depression all around…! Modern day city lives have made it a part of our lives…! And honestly, I’m no expert on this topic… Not by far! But this has always worked for me! Whenever I feel the slightest bit of sadness or feel upset… I look at myself in the mirror, give myself a hug and blow me a kiss…! Trust me, the world outside then doesn’t matter anymore!


So make sure you go out on a date with yourself… pamper yourself… go for a movie, go for a coffee with yourself. I’ve often heard people say that they can’t go to a café or a restaurant alone because they feel awkward eating alone! How can you feel awkward in your own company…?! Isn’t there something completely wrong with that?!


Trust me, the day you start enjoying your own company, the day you find your One True Love, you’ll have nothing to worry about anymore!





Butterflies and birds for me symbolize freedom, innocence and love… and that’s what I’ve tried to imbibe in this look! This is how I see me… This is my expression of myself… My true Love!


Lake Self Love photoshoot bohemian



Jewelry: Made in pure sterling silver, this Hasli (necklace) and ring from designer Just Prerna’s  bird collection are a perfect representation of freedom and perfection.




bird necklace silver design hasli



bird ring just prerna



Dress: This off-shoulder dress with little butterflies printed all over, is an old favorite that I bought for myself at a flea market in China Town, in Singapore, 7 years ago.



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Silver hasli bird necklace


Lake - Self Love - True Love - Pinkpeppercorn



Hope you enjoyed reading this. And if you did, and if you think it touched you somewhere, do leave a comment and let me know… or you could follow me on my instagram and let me know there 🙂


All photographs are courtesy: Sonalee Das.




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