Let it Rip…

So… what set me onto writing this blog was the fact that not only did I absolutely love fashion and clothes and accessories… it was also because whenever I met people, they seemed to always like what I wear. Very often I had that most ‘feel-good’ question thrown at me.. “I love that… Where did you get that from?” And so I thought… if so many people like my sense of style and appreciate it… maybe a lot more will too laugh

And what better way to inspire someone to try out a new look, expand their style repertoire and feel good about themselves, than doing it while expanding your own!

Starting this blog, has made me realize how we sometimes restrict ourselves to ‘this is me’ or ‘this is not me’… when all we need to do is to open our minds and try out everything with confidence! I used to always peg myself as someone with a more ‘classic’ sense of style… but doing this has opened me up to experimenting with so many different looks that I would never have otherwise tried.

The biggest learning for me, through doing this blog, is that we never should confine ourselves to ‘a particular’ segment… I realized that ‘classic’ or ‘elegant’ which I thought was my ‘style quotient’ … was actually much deeper rooted into my personality… And so no matter what clothes I wear… that’s an innate part of my personality that will always reflect… Hence, there’s no point in hesitating to try out a new look!

I’ve learnt that sense of style and fashion quotient really should to be as fluid as life itself… coz that’s what adds that pepper and zing to our personality… wink

So here’s a new look I tried on, which I otherwise would never have… It’s quite out of character for me, but then again… that’s the whole point, right… smiley

Now you go on too, and try something new this evening (Or the next day… depends on when you’re reading this :P)… and let me know how you feel about it! (…and what reactions you get from people cheeky)

Photo Courtesy: Archana Chaudhari


Details of the outfit:

These used to be a lovely pair of jeans from Zaara… which I very lovingly and most patiently ripped and destroyed myself 😀 (Did that myself simply because most branded torn jeans are usually made for taller women and the gorgeous cut that should come on the knee ends up somewhere around the shin for us average-heighted Indian women… so DIY seemed like the best option ;))

Paired that with this pearly white top from Calvin Klein Jeans, a distressed GAP jacket and my gorgeous Gucci belt.

My favoritest best part about this outfit are those boots and that sexy messenger bag both of which I picked up from a small store of handmade leather goods in Plaka, Athens (Greece).

The Hat: An original Indian Army camouflage hat I bought at a store which stocked uniforms, clothes and backpacks for our border forces, in Leh last year! (Yea.. Eat your heart out boys ;))

This tribal gorgeous-ness of a necklace I bought at a Tibetan Flea market in Goa… (which btw, I later also found on the FB page of jaypore jewels… just in case any of you are wondering where you can get it ;))

Oh and that little pixie with her pixie-dust came to me all the way from Disneyland, Hongkong! Wanna fly anyone?

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