Hi Everyone! My post today is all about head wraps.. Now we’ve all seen the pretty head scarves that the lovely ladies of the yester-years wore… in both Hollywood and Bollywood… from Audrey Hepburn to Neetu Singh… head scarves added a fun element to the entire look and also made for a great style statement!

Today in fact, with the whole ‘retro’ wave going on… head scarves are more ‘in’ than ever before… and apart from just being amazing fashion accessories, they also take care of a lot of practical hair issues… from bad hair days… to being a great winter headgear!

Now I know a lot of my friends who think that head wraps are wonderful and would love to wear them…! But they just don’t try them on…!!!! Why?!! Couple of reasons are…

(1) “They grab too much attention….”(I want to avoid the stares)

(2) “ They look way too dramatic… I’m not going for a fashion show”

It’s inhibitions like these that keep a lot of us from trying out amazing things that we regret later!

Here’s a simple trick to get over your inhibitions.. “TRY IT ON… JUST ONCE”. Read More

Live in style. Be inspired. Stay Fabulous.


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