Vintage Vibes & Bell Bottoms

I’ve always felt that I was born a little too late… I should’ve been born in the 60’s to be a part of that dreamy Summer of Love or the whole Hippie Movement.

Every time I go to a new city, I run to its vintage markets! Somehow, being able own a piece of the past, in my mind is so much more delightful and romantic than something we can just buy off the shelf at a departmental store! I’m probably a little old school but I still prefer the 70’s music and movies to what we have today! (I remember when I was still in college, I’d be watching TV and would invariably find a young Amitabh or Rishi Kapoor movie… and watch it for the N’th time! My sister actually hated me for it… She always said, “Dolly, you’re OLD”!!

BTW, my workout playlist even now is filled with RD Burman and good ol’ rock n roll!)

And the fashion in those days…! Oh Man! I do still consider Neetu Singh and Zeenat Aman my greatest fashion icons! The large round sunglasses, the scarves, tie & dye, plaid sweaters and bell bottoms… The high buns and winged eyeliner – everything that I yearn for!

Last couple of years, however, have been amazing for me! Why?! Coz suddenly the 70’s fashion came back… albeit with a more contemporary twist… but it did come back!! The large framed sunglasses, the winged eyeliner, head-bands, et al! And now finally, we even have bell-bottoms making their way back!! Woohoo! 😀

By the way, did you know that though bell bottoms became a range in the late 1960’s, they were invented in the late 1800’s, worn by the sailors of the US Navy! Why the NAVY? Coz if someone were to fall into the water, they could easily get rid of the heavy bottoms without having to remove their shoes, and swim to save their lives! How thoughtful, isn’t it! It was only much later, when this trend got adopted by the hippie subculture, that it truly became a fashion statement. ‘Hipster’s Pants’, as they were called back then!

And although flared bottoms have been making their reappearance every now and then, this time, I hope they’re here to stay a little longer! 🙂

What I love the most about bell bottoms, is the fact that they make you look taller and slimmer! The slightly higher waist, especially when paired with high heels or boots, gives the lower body an added illusion of height. And because it’s snug around the hips and upper thighs, and wide towards the lower legs, it creates an impression of a slimmer butt… Exactly the kinda manipulation we all need, right wink

So here I am, wearing this perfect pair from of denim bell bottoms from Gap, paired with a simple tee for a casual, everyday look. I’ve added the tie & dye silk scarf in a side knot around my neck, the androgynous gold watch from DKNY and the wonderful round reflectors for that added retro effect! smiley

Outfit Details:

Outfit (Bell Bottoms and Tee): Gap India
Tie & Dye silk scarf: San Lorenzo Market, Florence (Italy)
Chunky gold watch: DKNY India
Sunglasses: Missamore Clothing Footwear: Charles & Keith
Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo
Cap: Jack & Jones














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