Wearing Shorts in Winter!

So the winters have finallly hit Mumbai!! After decades of my existence here.. I’ve finally managed to witness a mild winter in Mumbai and am soooo loving it!!!  And that’s not just because of the awesome weather… it also means being able to dress up in all that gorgeous winter-wear that we only see in movies! 😀

But in doing that, don’t we all pack away our shorts and minis as soon as the chill starts setting in? And not just in the North where it does get really chilly… we in Mumbai do that too… as soon as we stop feeling the need for an AC! 😉

And then again, haven’t we all wondered how so many women abroad… where it’s so much more cold than here… wear shorts during winter?

It’s coz there’s actually a pretty simple science to dressing for the winter you see… The reason why we feel cold during winter, is because when the outside temperature is lower than our body temperature, heat tends to escape from our body faster in trying to match the outside temperature… making us feel cold!

Hence, if we identify these areas from where heat escapes our body and cover those properly… then wearing shorts isn’t that difficult. The 4 main areas from where heat leaves our body most rapidly are: the head, armpits, privates and the chest.

Our palms and feet too, tend to feel cold, but that’s because they are farthest from the heart and hence, it takes the longest time for the warm blood-flow to reach them. And so during winter, our body, in trying to maintain the temperature of the more vital organs, tends to ignore the fingers and the toes. Hence, they tend to get cold and numb!

The rest of our body does feel cold too… but if you insulate these 6 organs properly… (a cap, a scarf (to keep wind from reaching the chest),proper layering for the torso, woolen socks / stockings and boots are an absolute must… gloves and thermal innerwear,  if required)… then, wearing shorts in winter isn’t all that ‘unthinkable’!  And you can wear any kind of shorts… denim, torn, leather, plaid, low-waist, high-waist… you name it! Some might say that florals won’t look good in winter… but I say why not! Florals would actually make for an amazing contrast with the gloominess of the weather outside!

So here are two looks that I put together to show you how you can style your mini skirts or shorts for the winter, and go around feeling like you just got off the ramp! 😉

Look 1: Over-the-knee woolen socks, boots, a loose pull-over and that plaid mini.

This is one of my most favorite looks… especially coz of the very wintery grays and that gorgeous hat! And the perfect bag that so beautifully brings together the whole outfit!

 Outfit details:

Sweater and skirt: Veromoda

Boots: Steve Madden

Over-the-knee socks: Forever 21

Hat: Zara

Bag and glasses: Louis Vuitton

Accessories: Multiple rings from Forever 21 and the brass bent nail bracelet from the Kenyan Masai Market!

You could also replace the socks with full length stockings (pantyhose)… A black or gray in this case would be great!

In fact, H&M usually has these wool blended sheer stockings which are perfect to keep you warm and to give you that glamorous look!

I’m obviously not wearing gloves coz I’d look really weird wearing them in Bombay… but a nice pair of leathers with a fur fringe could make this outfit look even more classy!

Look 2: Light layers, shorts and fur lined boots for those pleasantly cool days!

Outfit details:

White Shorts: Wills Sport

Beanie and starry cardigan: From Ermou street in Athens, Greece

Boots: Handmade by a leather craftsman in Athens

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo

Scarf: Westside

Again, this look is great for places like Bombay or for those days when it’s pleasantly cool but not chilly!

But the same thing with a pair of stockings and a coat / pullover instead of the open cardigan could well handle the chills too!

You could opt for stockings / leggings in any colour / print to go with your shorts… or you could get second-skin kinda panty-hose which keep the skin effect while keeping you at least slightly warmer 🙂

Scarves are my favorite winter accessory… and I love them in bright colours coz they’re the ones that add the excitement to an otherwise gloomy outfit. And though you may have a limited number of coats and sweaters, scarves can keep changing making it look like a new outfit everyday 🙂

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