Zodiac Fashion: Aquarius

Hey all! Am back to writing again after a long long time and am so sorry about suddenly having to disappear! But now am back and I promise there’s a lot of interesting content that I’ve been planning for you which I’m gonna post regularly 🙂

Am starting with the continuation of my ‘Zodiac Fashion’ series… which is looks inspired by the unique personalities and characteristics of different zodiac signs. Having done Sagittarius and Capricorn already, here’s all about the zesty and zany Aquarius!




Quirky, attractive and unconventional… An Aquarius woman, always stands out! She’s quirky and intellectual, with a pixie-like charm to her!


Radical in her views, she’s someone who’s always disagreeing with you and giving you a very strong point of view.


With her strong personality, intellect and ambitious attitude she ends up intimidating most people… but people who understand her and can hold their own in front of her, are the ones she naturally gravitates to. People who get bogged down by arguments are not her kind.


Aquarius is an Air sign… which means comfort for her is key. And while she loves to stand out and apart… she’ll never do that at the cost of her comfort.


She gets away with being zany and off-beat… because subscribing to norms, is anyways not in their DNA.


Even in terms of fashion, Aquarians like pushing their limits… unlike Aeries though, Aquarius women are not over-the-top or dramatic. They’re just effortlessly off-beat, and that itself makes quite a style statement.


One of the most interesting aspects of Aquarian style and Aquarian personality is Androgyny. Aquarian women naturally have strong and edgy features. This coupled with their need for comfort (closed shoes, comfort fits, etc.), love for tech and the determination in their eyes… perfectly complement their androgynous ways.


Incidentally, in 2012 we entered the age of Aquarius. Aquarius stands for intellect – intellect not in a ‘spiritual intelligence’ way, but in a very ‘technological and scientific progress’ way. It’s quite evident in the way the world, over the last few years has made drastic technological and scientific progress. It’s also evident in the way the world, in general, is becoming more purposive and cause driven – headstrong and determined to make a change!


These are all signs that we are truly in the age of the Aquarius – questioning status quo and being progressive, aiming for gender neutrality and embracing androgyny.





Aquarius Style Symbols:


Element: Air: Comfortable, effortless and breezy

Colour: Blue: Intelligence and technology

Embracing unconventional ideas: Gender neutrality, Androgyny, geek chic, hipster, etc.

Comfort: Comfort / baggy fits; flats/ sneakers/shoes; minimal jewelry

Glasses look great on Aquarian beauties.


 Look Description:


I’ve taken ‘androgyny’ as the overlaying theme, wearing this men’s formal white Chinese collar, oversized shirt and a men’s oversized black jacket (both stolen from Mr. Wolf’s wardrobe ;)). I’ve teamed it up with formal pinstripe black trousers and just to add that off-beat, unconventional pop of colour, I’ve added a red tie (also stolen from his cupboard) with a pair of sexy suede red shoes.


I’m also carrying a small back-pack, instead of a more lady-like hobo or tote, to add to the carefree, androgynous feel. Although, I haven’t incorporated the Aquarius colour blue in this look, I have tried to add a touch of it through the back-pack!


And I’d let those locks fly and add a pair of glasses as my only accessory, for this weird and wonderful Aquarian lady!













Outfit Details:

White Shirt: Zara Man

Black Coat: ASOS

Trouser: United Colours of Benetton

Tie: Ralf Lauren

Shoes: Talons D’Or


Photography Courtesy: Sonalee Das

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