Zodiac Fashion: Aries

Did you know that as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries rules the head?

Represented by the Ram, Aries takes the lead, head down, ready to charge. They’re Doers!

They believe… and they Do it!

Being a fire sign… dilly-dallying and slacking in not in their DNA! They do things with burning passion and zest!

They’re not afraid to stand out! Ok… forget ‘not afraid’…, they LOVE to stand out! They love to be different… they thrive under attention! Others might think and worry about what people think of them… but not our zesty Aries beauties! For them, as long as people are thinking about them, they don’t care what it is!

And this reflects in their style as well! They despise the conventional and believe in inventing their own styles! OTT (Over The Top) is not a word in their dictionary! OTT for them translates to UNIQUE! I mean, just look at Lady Gaga! She’s the iconic and quintessential Aries… Gorgeous, bold, strong, self-dependent and always the centre of attention!


Aries Style Symbols:


Element: Fire 


Colour: Red. An Aries woman, with her personality can pull off a bright scarlett any time of the day, in any season and at any place! And they look stunning in them! Red dresses, bold red lips… they’re all about making that statement!

The colour Red, also acts as a boost of warm energy that can lift spirits and act as fuel to the fire! So anyone in need of that extra dose of energy and a burst of passion (even at work or anywhere ;)), I’d say just take a cue and go for red!


Hats and Headgear: Since Aries rules the head, hats, head-wraps and head accessories are an Aries’s most beloved and suited accessories.  Especially the more dramatic kinds – Fedoras, helmets, hoods, top hats and large turbans!


Unapologetically Attention Seeking: For me, the most admirable part about Aries is that they’re one of the most attention seeking lot… and they’re unapologetically so! They’re not the kinds who’ll pretend not to enjoy it! In fact, they’ll admit to loving all the attention and will bask in its glory… and you can’t help loving them for it!

This also makes them amazing style icons… always doing things and creating looks that are bold and out of the box! Boots, stilettos, dramatic hair-dos and make-up… they know the works!


Larger Forehead:  Aries women tend to have larger fore-heads symbolising the brave determination and head-first nature of the Ram.

Now that, in my mind is great because it gives them a larger canvas to accessorise! 😉

They generally have bold, angular brows which give them that confident, ‘don’t mess with me’ kinda appearance… and enhancing those and playing them up would be a fabulous idea for the Aries!

Another thing that would look amazing on them is the ‘Bindi’! A large forehead can make a large round or a long bindi look absolutely wicked! Bindis also are symbols of honour, responsibility and determination – everything that Aries stands for! So it’s like a match made in fashion-heaven!

And if you’re an Aries woman, you won’t just be looking at wearing the bindi with Indian outfits! You could wear them with a pair of ripped denims and a long cape with a turban and be all set to turn heads!

Other forehead accessories like head chains (maang tikkas) and really oversized sunglasses would look great too!!


Details of the Look:


For this look, I’m wearing a bright red silk dress with stiletto, ankle length boots! I’m also wearing summer gloves, i.e. lace which makes sure you’re not feeling hot and at the same time, looks classy and makes a massive statement – the Aries way! Oh, and no look meant for an Aries, would be complete without the Fedora hat and the bold red lips! 😉



Outfit Details:

Dress: Purple Paperbag by Shivali Misra

Stilettos: MFT Couture by My Foot (Bought them from Koovs)

Fedora Hat: Zara

Gloves: Ok… so after having looked everywhere – in stores and online,  I finally found these at a small women’s intimate wear shop in my neighbourhood called ‘Red Rose’!… Lol! (The surprises that life throws at us!! ;))

Lip colour: Nykaa Matt Lipsticks





All photographs clicked by Sonalee Das


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