Zodiac Fashion: Cancer


Symbol: The Crab 

Cancerians… the classy, stately rebels of the zodiac chart! They’re all about feelings… They communicate less and feel more! Which is why sudden mood swings, silent rebellion and suddenly getting all ‘crabby’ is natural to Cancerians.


Their rebellion isn’t loud and attention seeking though… because as people, they’re subtle and understated. But don’t mistake the subtlety for dullness… they’re actually a very youthful, energetic lot!


And them being all about feelings, is also the reason why they’re naturally empathetic towards others…! They’re born nurturers. They feel for others and are sensitive towards them, in spite of their faults. Hence, they make for amazing mentors, teachers and mothers…!


Being a water sign, they’re fluid, kind and gentle beings. They live by the heart, and not the head! To others, they’re like the calm of the sea that we love staring at from the shore… while no one except them knows, the turbulence within.


No wonder then that the best colour suited for them is the pure and pristine white, with streaks of subtle silvery gray…. like the froth of the receding calm waves at the seashore, and the shimmer of sunlight reflecting off it!


Pearls, are their favourite accessory!


White represents not just innocence and purity, it also represents calm and open-mindedness. Like I said, they’re empathetic and all-accepting of people. Non-judgmental, like a clear slate. Open to being painted with different opinions and feelings!



Cancer Style Symbols:


Colour: White and subtle silver/gray

Jewelery: Pearls – necklaces, bracelets, earrings.. even pearl embellishments on their clothes… Cancerians can never have enough of it.

They’re also exceptionally fond of heirlooms… so if there’s a pass-on with a thought behind it, they’d prefer that any-day over something new.

Understated Elegance: You’ll seldom find a Cancerian woman to be loud and dramatic. These beauties revel in their simplicity and elegance… but are never boring! They can carry off funk and yet end up making it look elegant! (Think Princess Diana)



Details of the Look:



I’m wearing these frayed bottom white and gray pants with an anti-fit white top, both from Zara. While the green embroidery on the top isn’t a very Cancer colour, it does symbolize ‘life’ and so I thought it was good for that pop of colour.


I’m also wearing a south-sea pearls’ necklace as a bracelet; and the white sun-hat, white sling bag and silver metallic footwear to add those finishing touches!



Outfit Details:


Pants, blouse and Hat: Zara

Footwear: New Look (bought from

Pearls: Mangatrai jewelers in Hyderabad

Sunglasses: H&M

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs




Photography By: Sonalee Das

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