Zodiac Fashion: Capricorn


If you ever want fashion advice from someone, ask a Capricorn woman! A Capricorn knows what the perfect outfit is for every occasion…!

Capricorns – Perfectionists in their own right, have a classic sense of style!


A Capricorn will always know what’s the most ‘appropriate’ thing to wear for which occasion.
They have a strict work wear wardrobe, party wear, casual dinner wear and even gym wear. Capricorns will mix and match, but they’ll never overstep the line and will never dress ‘inappropriate ‘ for any occasion.

They are elegant, dignified and the classiest of the lot. Even in their personal lives, they’re loving, family oriented, super-organized perfectionists. They love taking up responsibilities and will go to any extreme to make sure they’re doing a fab job at it!

Unlike Sagittarians, commitments and organization are never a bother!
And because their element is ‘Earth’ – it makes them humble, rooted and easy to get along with. They’re caring and have a natural tendency to nurture and help.


The Earth element is also probably the reason why all Capricorn women love Vintage! Vintage, going back to the roots, the Victorian era and the old world charm is what they’re suckers for!
However, just because they’re nice and grounded, doesn’t mean they’ll compromise on themselves… Capricorns love themselves as much as they love others and yes, have classy and pretty expensive taste…! And while they may not buy the most expensive of things… They have a way of making everything they wear, look expensive – even it was picked up off the street!

This look that I’ve created is keeping in mind my Capricorn BFF for a party! Earthy Colors… Black and Browns, are a Capricorn’s best friends!
And lace is one piece of fabric that represents a Capricorn in its entirety. In fact, I read somewhere that if fabrics had to be ruled by star signs, lace would fall under the Capricorn sign!

Black lace and vintage Jewelry are 2 of her biggest weaknesses!

Hence, I’m wearing this well constructed, classy and evergreen lace dress in earthy colours.

But elegant as they are, they’re definitely not boring! In fact, I have 3 Capricorn best friends and they’re all some of the most creative women that I personally know! Hence, as an ode to their inherent creativity, instead of black heels, I’ve opted for a pair of suede red beauties and a pair of very vintage looking, history inspired earrings.

Outfit details:
Outfit: HeartLoom, New York
Heels: Custom made for me by Talons D’or
Earrings: Designer Shilpa Puri











All pics are courtesy of my gorgeous photographer friend Sonalee Das

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