Zodiac Fashion: Gemini

Symbol: The Twins

There’s a lot that a Gemini is often accused of…

“Can’t make up her mind… Is a flirt… Always confused… Disorganised…  Controversial and Hyperactive…” Well of course she is! Coz unlike most us other sane people… She has the brains and the mind of two… so there’s always a yin to her yang that she can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore!

Now that, in my mind, sort of makes Geminis doubly interesting! A Gemini woman, lives in dichotomies… Coz more often than not, the twins within her… Don’t agree with each other! But that’s what makes her so perceptive… Coz the twins enable her to look at things, people and situations from different angles… And evaluate and perceive from different perspectives!


Geminis are creative, expressive and live for experiences! They’re natural explorers with amazing communication skills! Oh yes… communication skills!! They KNOW how to get their point across… and while they often say things that are extremely politically incorrect, they are also quick to disguise and camouflage their goof-up in some good-natured silly humour… which controls the damage without losing the essence of what they meant! (Am I right Mr. Gemini Wolf? ;))
Gemini is an Air sign… which means they crave FREEDOM! They hate things, people or situations that restrict or bind them… and the same goes for clothes as well! Honestly, from all the Geminis that I know… I think they’d prefer wearing the least amount of clothing on their body! (or none if, they had the chance! ;))… And yet for some reason… they’re the biggest hoarders and accessory addicts that I can think of!


They love layering their jewellery… chimes and charms… trinkets and things they can mix and match!


Reversible clothing, wearing the same garment multiple ways, layering and up-cycling… give them the kicks and satisfy both the twins within!



Gemini Style Symbols:


Music, Art and everything creative …



Colour: Yellow

Being an Air sign, the best colour that represents the Gemini woman, is Yellow! Easy- breezy, bright, happy and full of life! You have to have an extremely vivacious personality like that of a Gemini to be able to carry any shade of yellow like it was made for you!


Arms & Shoulders:

Geminis are known to be excellent, but animated communicators who use a lot of hand gestures and movements. Hence… sleeveless, off-shoulders and tube dresses would make for a Gemini’s go-to outfits.



Chimes and Charms… things that jiggle and make music. They love layering their jewellery… and especially love hand jewellery! (looks and has great impact with their expressive hands and animated gestures)

Also, they love all things Vintage and old – especially when it comes to jewellery! They tend to get sentimentally attached to little things… which they’ll hoard till cows come home! 😉



Heels aren’t really their best friends. And while they’re not averse to heels, they don’t like the unnecessary posture and discomfort they bring, that kills their free vibe!



 Bold & Free: Gemini women don’t play it subtle… neither in their attire, nor in their attitude. Bold lips, glitter, gold… they can carry it all off brilliantly!  (Think Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe)


Freedom defines a Gemini… Freedom of the body, mind and soul!



Details of the look:



As an ode to this gorgeous and creative Gemini woman, I’m wearing this yellow gingham ‘skirt’ from Zara, as a dress – 2 ways!

One as a tube-dress for a casual, evening / day look…



… And the other, with a white, knotted shirt… for a more semi-formal work-day.




Outfit Details:

Dress: Actually a maxi skirt from Zara

Footwear: Forever 21

Oversized White Shirt: Off Colaba Causway

Necklace: Layered chimes from Bali

Charms bracelet: Customized at Bugis mall in Singapore

Tassle Earrings: Flea market in Los Angeles

Silver bangles: Antique silver store in China Town, Singapore.


Photography by Sonalee Das



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