Zodiac Fashion: Leo


If the Lion is their symbol, these wild cats are bold, unafraid and regal!

Born under the fiercest fire sign, Leo ladies are strong, ambitious and are born leaders! They’re opinionated, good with making decisions (for themselves and for others), and at the same time are creative and unafraid to tread into newer territories! That means that they love new challenges… be it at work or in life, they love to be challenged and thrive in the excitement and pride of overcoming it successfully! Whatever it is that they do, they rule over it… they own it! (Just like their cat cousins – small or big)


Lions are known to be elegant and noble! They’re the symbol of strength and power… and women born under this start sign are no different! They’re generous, kind and resonate power… but at the same time, they’re unapologetic and unforgiving!


You’d rather not mess with Leos, and you definitely can’t fool them!


When it comes to physical traits, some say they even look like the lion (or the lioness)! Majestic and confident, exuding class and confidence! Their eyes exude determination and their face is always sharp and attentive! More often than not, Leos have a gorgeous mane and are naturally physically agile and fit!


Leo Style Symbols:


Symbol: Lion


Mane Attraction: When it comes to style, they love to wear their hair big… tying up is not their thing! If you’re a Leo, or want to take inspiration from a Leo, try back-combing and letting it run wild!


Leopard Prints: And with their cat-like DNA, there’s no better star sign, who can carry off leopard print (and other animal prints) better than them!


Colour: Gold has to be the Leo colour! There’s no other colour that represents Royalty better than Gold… and Leos are Royalty among the signs! The one other colour that looks gorgeous(est) on Leo ladies is Burnt Orange! Oh my my!

Black of course, is the colour of leadership! There’s no way in hell that it won’t look good on a wild cat!


Jewelry: If gold is their colour, it’s obvious then at Gold is also their metal! Big, unique and mysterious pieces in gold, are their weakness!



Details of the Look:

Here’s a workwear look, inspired by this king of the corporate jungle! I’m wearing this jumpsuit in the colour of leadership here, with their love for the big cats showing in the leopard print of my booties and the scarf around my neck. Taking inspiration from their love for gold, I’m wearing these large gold chains in layers and the cuff in black and gold spikes, is a perfect representation of their fierce, no-nonsense attitude!




Outfit Details:




Black Jumpsuit: Promod

Leopard Print Booties: Marks & Spencer

Belt: Michael Kors

Layered Gold necklace: Aldo Accessories

Multiple Rings and Wrist Cuff: Forever 21

Scarf: My Mommy’s closet 😀








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