Zodiac Fashion: Pisces


Magic, romance, mermaids and unicorns… that’s what our pretty Piscean friends are all about!


Being the last of the zodiac signs, they represent the end of an era, and the start of a new beginning. If we look at a cyclic spiritual journey of any phenomenon, it always tends to start with the ‘body and the mind’ (functional and physiological) … and end with the ‘Soul’ (Spiritual).


Pisceans are hence, are a more spiritually inclined, self-introspecting, romantic and content lot!


Being a water-sign and being represented by the ‘fish’, Pisces women are like mermaids… the water-babies… the bohemian beach babes! Give them the choice of a hill-station vs. the beach… and they’ll pick the beach any day! And this even reflects in their fashion sense…! They’re more inclined to a gypsy, boho-chic style… and just like the waves in the ocean, they too are fluid, languid and dreamy in their attitude. Just as the sea manages to calm you down and heal you…  Pisceans too, have the ability to heal / relax you, by their sheer positivity and love.


And because they’re so emotionally aware, is why they make for the best of friends! They may not be great with words, but just having a Pisces princess in your life, makes life seem so chilled out! 🙂


Pisces Style Symbols:


Element: Water: Comfortable, minimal, fluid and bohemian

Colour: Blue, Sea-green, Silver: Colours of the sea

Hairstyles: Beach waves, Fishtail braids, Flowers and flower-crowns.

Mood: Romantic and Dreamy

Footwear: Pisceans love footwear… so while everything else may as well speak for beachy comfort, they certainly won’t settle for flip-flops as their preferred choice of footwear.

Accessories: In terms of stones, all the bluish stones right from Aquamarine to Sapphire to Lapiz Lazuli and moonstone, all represent Water signs. Pisceans especially love large stone jewellery, minimalistic silver jewelery and jewellery made of shells.






Details of the Look: 

For this look, I decided to go all boho, beachy and dreamy… true to the personality of our beach beauties! I’m wearing this sky-blue off-shoulder dress from zara with minimal floral embroidery at the ends, with a pair of white shorts and tan flats from Forever 21.

The necklace is a bunch of Lapiz Lazuli and blue agate stones strung together which perfectly represent the water sign, and am wearing a silver hand harness with a bunch of multiple silver and moon stone rings.

While a fishtail braid or beach waves might have been more apt as hair-styles for the Pisces woman, my personal preference for my no-fuss curls kinda got the better of me here 😛

Although… I’ve added the pretty yellow flower for effect 😉

And hats, of course, make for the perfect summer beach accessory!








Outfit Details:

Dress: Zara

Footwear and finger-rings: Forever 21

Hand Harness: Tribe by Amrapali

Lapiz Lazuli necklace: From a little curated gem store in Seoul, South Korea

Hat: From a beach side store at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka


All photos are courtesy Sonalee Das

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