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It’s the eve of my birthday today, and I thought I should begin this new year (My new year) with something new and interesting. Since my birthday falls on 21st of Dec, that essentially makes me a cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn… although, most of my personality traits match with those of a Sagittarius than a Capricorn.


And while I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this series on fashion inspired by zodiac signs and their dominant personality traits, I thought, why not start with my own star sign, on my birthday!


And so, though I know it’s a little too late and the month of Sagittarius is almost over, today, personally it seemed like the perfect day to release my first chapter on Zodiac Fashion – Sagittarius!


Free Spirited, Spontaneous, Explorer… a Gypsy Soul… forever loving, positive and crazy!


These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of a Sagittarian woman. A Sagittarian woman is the proverbial bohemian…! Sagittarians are flirts with life… they find it difficult to stick to doing one thing, rebel against routine and always find newer things to do and experience. They are happy, peaceful people who live and let live! They can and will always be open to loving and accepting people with all their faults, and hence, expect to be treated the same way, in spite of all their quirks!


Sagittarians also have this unique ability to let go… and move on! (The fast track ‘move on’ campaign was probably created by a Sagittarian ;)) They get hurt easily, but they don’t brood over what’s lost… be it objects or relationships…! Sagittarians have the ability to dethatch themselves just as easily and deeply as they get attached! To them, life is about moving on continuously and looking for newer experiences. Every experience, good or bad, is something they cherish and learn from. They might end up ruffling a few feathers on the way… people even think of them as heartless, and yes, it hurts them to know that… but then, that’s just how they are… they move on! 🙂


They love travel… they’re the ones who most easily switch careers… they’re always confused about what to say when they’re asked about their ‘one hobby’ and they’re the ones who believe that no matter what, the world’s a great place to be in!


So for my birthday… A Sagittarian’s birthday… I decided to create a simple day-time look inspired by the personality traits of the archer.


It’s a chic, gypsy, boho look… that’s trendy yet comfortable… fashionable, yet free-flowing!


The outfit, from Ek Katha, is make of organic cotton fabric, hand woven by the artisans in Kutch and created using ethical, sustainable means. That symbolises a Sagittarian’s positivity and belief in society and in people.


The blue colour of the dress symbolises the colour of their star sign and their birth stone – The Blue Sapphire.


The white sneakers symbolise being on the move forever… physically or mentally…! It also stands for their ‘keep walking’ or ‘move on’ attitude…!


Dream catchers in my mind are the best way to symbolise a bohemian soul. Dream catchers were created by Native Americans as protective charms that were hung at the bedside of children to catch bad dreams and negativity, to filter them out and allow only positivity to pass through. I don’t know about me, but a true gypsy soul, does just that! They filter out the negativity for themselves and for people around them and fill the space with positivity and an optimistic way of looking at things.


These lovely giant dream catchers from SoulWorks, Mumbai are some of the finest pieces I’ve ever seen. Even the dream catcher hair accessories and earrings that they specially created for this look, somehow tend to complete the look and give it that free spirited, bohemian vibe.


The bag is a hand-woven cane bag from Kenya and the necklace is Tibetan charm that I found at a flea market in Leh – both symbolizing the wanderer that a Sagittarian is!  Her love for travel, for exploring different cultures and embellishing her personality and her wardrobe with pieces of life that inspire her.


Outfit Details: (In Sum)

Maxi Dress + Jacket: Ek Katha

White Sneakers: Local store in Vashi – Milan footwear (These are actually PT shoes used by one of the schools here ;P)

Dreamcatchers, Earrings and hair accessory: SoulWorks, Mumbai

Bag: Masai Market, Kenya

Necklace: Tibetan market, Leh




















































Hope you loved this look as much as I did… and if you’re a Sagittarius, I hope I helped you decode your style… at least to some extent 🙂


Coming up soon… Capricorn! #StayTuned…






Photography: Sonalee Das

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