2 Easy Tips to Help Tame Frizzy Hair, Naturally!



Anyone with curly hair knows what I mean when I say I dread the monsoons! When your hair begins to lead a life of its own… And you’re clueless about how to lead yours without looking like a bush… That’s when u know you need drastic measures!


And trust me, keeping them knotted up in a bun is not the only option!


Couple of other problems that come with monsoon is the irritation and itchy scalp… And that’s common with curly hair again, because of the sheer volume that we have on!


So here’s a few very very easy hair tips, that’ll help you control the frizz and maintain your hair health this monsoon!


#1: One Drop of Oil in your Conditioner!


Don’t go back and read it again, you read it right!


Just add a drop of ‘non-smelly’, light oil (e.g. almond oil) to your conditioner while washing your hair. It’s a trick my hairstylist once told me… and it’s kickass! Especially during the monsoons… it tames your frizz and makes your hair a lot more manageable… and no, it doesn’t make your oily at all!


You could use any good quality almond oil. There are some really nice cold-pressed almond oils available even on big basket and Godrej Nature’s basket, but I very cheaply prefer Divya Pharmacy’s 100% pure Almond Oil (Patanjali’s pharmacy division :P). Ok, don’t cringe at the name Patanjali… frankly, it’s great! It doesn’t smell, and is recommended by Ayurvedic doctors for intake! So I assume that if it’s great for eating, it has to be safe for application too. 😉


#2: Natural Oil-based Hair Serum:


Leave-in conditioners, curl balms and thick hair serums, aren’t just packed with sulphates and silicones, they also tend to make your hair sticky and weigh down your curls. And then when we try and fluff them up with our fingers, they tend to get all frizzy and yucky! Especially during the monsoon when moisture is so high and hair anyways takes longer to dry, most leave-in conditioners don’t just fail to control the frizz but also end up giving us curlys a rather flat look vis-à-vis our usual voluminous gorgeous hair.


The best thing to do is to find natural hair serums that are light oil based! I’ve been using  this amazing hair serum from NOW (Natural Organic World) which is made of Neem, Bhringraj, Brahmi and sesame, and is absolutely non-greasy. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve applied anything and yet it controls the frizz without weighing my hair down! And to top it all, it’s an all-organic product and so you know you’re not carrying tons of chemicals in your curls! (Oh, By the way, NOW also has a salon in Bandra, Mumbai… where they have amazing organic, naturopathy based hair and skin treatments! I’ve tried the avocado and pumpkin treatment for my hair & scalp, and it works wonders.)




The other natural hair serum that I’ve been using is a Moroccan Argan oil hair serum from this natural and Ayurveda brand called Inatur. It’s fantastic as well! The amazing thing about the brand Inatur is that it combines aromatherapy with Ayurveda and they have some of the most amazing quality, innovative products ever! It’s silicone, sulphate and paraben free and this particular hair serum is light and non-greasy as well! And it adds a lovely shine to my hair that most other leave in conditioners fail to do.



And you know what, using these natural products is so guilt-free…! Because whenever I use a leave-in conditioner or styling product, the guilt of packing my hair hair with horrible stuff, just kills me!


And just in case, you don’t want to spend money of natural hair serums (though both the products that I mentioned above are quite reasonably priced), 2 drops of light oil (preferably Almond) works just as well! But JUST 2 DROPS… anything more than that will make it greasy and then you’re gonna blame me for it! Haha… 😉


So there you have it! How easy is that!


In case you do try out any of this, do let me know! I’d love to know if your experience was as good as mine! 🙂


Love you lots!


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