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The Key to Mental Health During the Lockdown – MINDFULNESS

The last 45days have been extremely difficult for not just every Indian, but everyone around the world. This fight against COVID-19, hasn’t just had us locked away in self quarantine, it has brought the world to a stand-still. But the lockdown doesn’t just have its economic and social repercussions… it has been severely affecting mental …

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Rag Doll: Chapter 2

  Ever wondered what happens to that doll… Which gets rejected under Quality Control for a manufacturing defect? Where does she go? To the dump? To the second-hand store? Unwanted, Sold for a penny? Ever wondered if she were a real person? What would happen to her confidence? How would it scar her mentally to …


Why I think my Mother-in-law is a Rockstar | Share The Load

  Hey Guys!! So, a few weeks ago, I saw this new ad from Ariel’s share the load campaign. I thought it touched upon something that wasn’t just about husbands being asked to contribute to household chores, but upon something far larger and deeper. It’s about changing and shifting the mindset of an entire generation …

Versace takeover by Michael Kors

Michael Kors Acquires Versace for $2.1 Billion – Why are People Worried?!

      While the entire fashion world is split between celebrating and mourning this epic move in the luxury fashion industry, here are my two bits about what I think this means for both these massive fashion houses. American Luxury Conglomerate (in the making), Michael Kors… now known as Capri Holdings, according to Business …

True Love

Self-Love: The only True Love

Have you ever been in love?!   I have…! And trust me, being in love is the most beautiful feeling ever!! Truly loving someone for everything that they are…! For their strengths, for their flaws… for everything that they are, and in spite of it!   You love them, you stand by them… You support …

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I Am a Fashion Blogger… and No, I didn’t get it Easy!

  Warning: It’s a longish read… so start only if you have the patience!     You know, the usual reaction I get from people when I tell them that I’m a fashion blogger is, “Oh!” (with rolling eyes and a snigger) … It’s either the expression that tells me, “you’re probably just a dumb …


Upcycled, DIY Winter Style – Chapter 2

FIRST PUBLISHED IN THE FASHION HERALD MAGAZINE     (This is Chapter 2, here on pinkpeppercorn because Chapter 1 was published a few weeks ago. You can read it here. Also, the first 2 paragraphs of this article are similar to chapter 1 because this is the article published in the magazine… as is)   …


The Future of Design in Fashion – Reflections from the Past

  Thinking about the future of design is like playing Nostradamus to a field that is not only massive, but is all encompassing! Narrowing it down to fashion industry, is still quite vast, though it allows us think in the realms of clothing and accessories! However, design, even within fashion isn’t just limited to that! …


Influencer Marketing: What’s Going Wrong… and Where it’s Headed?

  As a social media influencer and as a brand strategist… I’m somehow placed at this unique and very special juncture where I can see and live, both points of view … and so here’s my objective point of view on what’s plaguing the world of influencer marketing and how brands should ideally (& effectively) …


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