Moods Of Winter: Look Book 2017 (Featuring Hidesign)



An excuse for cozy cuddles,

For bonfires and music…

For woollens and gorgeous layers…

For pampering yourself with endless amounts of body butter…

For some uninterrupted me-time!


An excuse for a girl to just have fun!



That’s what winter means to me! It is a time for celebrations and festivities… and the chill in the weather makes you seek warmth, bringing with it hugs, cuddles and love – be it from someone else, or from yourself! For me, it’s the best time of the year and I look forward to it desperately all year long!


And why not! After all, winter also brings with it an excuse to wear those gorgeous layers  that look super-stylish, and which the fashion freak in me loooongs for – almost all the time!


And now that it’s time, I’ve been going crazy creating all these fall / winter looks that I’m going to share with you guys over the entire month!


So, here are 3 of my favorite looks, which I put together using the same black leotard top, the same black opaque stockings and this gorgeous, newly launched Hidesign mini-bag, which is so conducive to styling in multiple many ways!




Look 1:


Mood: I created this look with Mumbai’s light and very pleasant winter in mind! A large ruffled skirt is something I wouldn’t normally wear during the day-time in summer… but in winter, it’s something I can carry off pretty easily, without being uncomfortable and yet, making a huge statement.



I’ve teamed it up with a very minimal, plain black leotard top, and a dark woolen infinity scarf and booties.

The Hidesign mini-bag complements this look perfectly, because of its beautiful textures and gold details, which add a subtle bling to the outfit, making it perfect for a day-time event, as well as for evening wear!






Look 2:



Mood: Winter brings with it the absolute unbridled desire to stay indoors… cooped up with a book and a cup of hot coffee. Personally, I hate waking up on a winter morning and going to work… I’d rather just be!


In fact, I love having people over at my place during winters! It makes sure that I don’t have to step out too much and yet, we keep the celebrations going!


So, here’s a look that I’ve put together, that’s perfect for indoors… especially when guests come over, or even when you’re off visiting someone at their place!


I’m wearing a pair of frayed denim shorts over my stockings and a woolly, soft and slightly oversized cardigan which I bought in Greece… over my black leotard top.


I decided to stick to monochromes for this one, because I really wanted to be twinning with my Tiny!! (for those of you who don’t know her, Tiny is my 8 months old Kitty, and you must follow my insta stories to watch all her antics ;))


Also, with this black & white look, because it’s chic and yet casual, I can easily carry off my Hidesign, blue mini-bag whenever I’m wearing it to someone else’s place! 🙂





Look 3:



Mood: Power Dressing is the other name for winter-workwear! Whenever I dress for work during winters, I am always reminded of those amazing looks from Devil Wears Prada… I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress that way… long coats, high heels, furs (okay, maybe not the furs) …! But winter work-wear can be as classy as classy can get!


So, here I am, wearing my black trench coat from Michael Kors over this plaid, woollen skirt… both of which make an excellent combination with the black stockings and my black knit leotard.



This Hidesign mini-bag complements the look beautifully, and while it’s slightly small for being a work-wear bag, it’s something that I’d definitely carry, just for my phone, wallet and a lip balm, in addition to my laptop bag, which can definitely accommodate most of my equipment and work-stuff!

Why not carry a larger bag?! Because a larger bag would make this outfit look clumsy, and wouldn’t make as much of a statement 😉







Oh, and let’s not forget those heels which act as the final finishing touch!




Hope you liked my A/W 2017 look book and stay tuned, because there’s a lot more winter looks that I have planned for you this season!






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