Durga – The Goddess in Today’s World

Durga The Goddess in today's world


When we think of the Goddess Durga – what comes to mind?




A powerful, fierce woman… dressed in bridal finery… with wild hair and weapons in her hands! Perched on her throne which is a lion – the most powerful animal in the Jungle!


Everything about her, screams power…! Power over herself, power over others!


She, is Shakti… She, is Durga!


Durga’s fierceness, however, is different from that of Kaali! While Kaali, is Shakti in Her raw, unreasonable, purely destructive form… Durga on the other hand, is Her more worldly-wise, reasonable avatar!


According to mythologist Devdutt Patnaik, Durga’s weapons, though weapons, are meant to protect… but if required can also punish! However, unlike Kaali’s, they’re not meant for complete destruction!


While She wears bridal finery, which represents domestication and affection, Her hair is unrestrained, and She rides a lion, which is as defiant and wild as Kaali’s!


“Her affection cannot be taken for granted. She will not be exploited”, says Devdutt in his book 7 secrets of the Goddess.


Durga, is the perfect representation of rejection of complete domestication! According to Indian Mythology, the ‘Woman’ (Durga), represents ‘Nature’, whereas the ‘Man’ (Shiva) represents the Human Mind.


Hence, the Devi, in Her unrestrained, raw and undomesticated form as Kaali, can destroy everything including ‘Man’ himself! However, Devi, in a completely domesticated avatar, as Gauri, resigns to the role of being a nurturer alone, and withdraws from her role as a protector! Hence, Durga, is the ‘Balance’ – Domesticated, yet unrestrained!


Her Red, is the colour of Love…! It is also the colour of blood!


So, Who would Durga be, if she lived today?!


Durga in the modern day - reveal 2


In my mind, Durga epitomizes the Boss Lady!


Today’s woman, might still be the nurturing Gauri at home, but on the career-front, she is Durga!


The leader… the achiever… the successful modern-day woman!



She wears Red in her lipstick and in her clothing; and her ‘skill’ and ‘determination’ are her weapons.

Whether she lets her hair loose or rolls it up in a bun, her ‘will’ is unrestrained… her attitude is ‘Durga’ – not Gauri, but Durga!


durga - modern day corporate woman


She sits on her lion; i.e. her ‘chair’ (or her couch or even the futon in her home-office) and she Rules! She commands – her team, her organization, her brand!


She’s Badass! And hey, controversial as it may seem… Durga, was badass!


Durga in modern day - reveal 3


The Look:


I’m wearing a deep red formal jumpsuit for the formality of the role of the corporate head-honcho, and the cloak-like cape, to add drama and to reinforce power!



Stilettos, again showcase power! They represent raw confidence with extreme amount of femininity.


durga modern day - corporate look


My choice of jewelery, is this pair of earrings from the brand ‘Just Prerna’ and their Warrior collection. These pure sterling silver earrings, with their delicate angles, edges and sharp curves, are perfect to represent the jewelry of the modern day Durga – delicate ornaments that could be weapons if need be!



durga modern day close up - just prerna earrings


And while success here, for visual story-telling is represented as ‘corporate success’… For today’s Durga, success could come in any form! With women entrepreneurs on the verge of out-numbering the men… and with more and more women taking to senior management roles in organizations…  Every woman, is invoking Durga within her!



Durga in the modern day - pinkpeppercorn culture blogger

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